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A successful mobile casino needs to support a wide range of payment methods that are reliable and cater to the local market. We have researched which payment methods work best for South African mobile casinos and have listed them below. All the payment methods are reliable and offer deposits or withdrawals in Rands. We have also discussed some of the most popular questions that mobile casino players in South Africa might ask before opening a real money account at any of our recommended sites.

The popular payment methods at mobile casinos for South African players are credit cards, debit cards, Easy EFT, SiD, NETeller, Skrill and bank transfer. We discuss each of these payments briefly on this page.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most commonly used payment methods across the world. So it is only natural for it to be offered by all mobile and online casinos, including those that accept South African players. The two most commonly supported credit cards at these casinos are Visa and MasterCard. To know whether a casino supports these methods just check for their logos in the Cashier section. Many mobile casinos also display the credit card logos on their landing page to make it easier for players to spot them.

Credit card payments, especially Visa and MasterCard payments, are supported at South Africa-friendly mobile casinos because these are two of the biggest payment providers in the world today. You get the automatic guarantee of complete security when you opt to make payments through your Visa or MasterCard credit card. Visa and MasterCard deposits are usually instant. Not all casinos support withdrawals through these methods, though there are some that allow withdrawals through a Visa credit card. Check with the casino whether credit cards are supported for withdrawal before using it.

Transacting with a Visa or MasterCard credit card at a South Africa-friendly mobile casino is easy: select the credit card you want to use and then provide the casino with all the required credit card details. There may be a fee charged by the service provider for using a credit card to withdraw winnings from their casino account. One problem of using a credit card is that the money is not entirely yours, you get it as a line of credit from the payment services provider, which means it is money that has to be returned. That is why it is imperative that you be careful when spending from a bankroll funded through a credit card.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are among the safest payment options available at mobile casinos nowadays. They function more or less like credit cards, but with one major difference: the money that you use to fund your casino account with a debit card is your own money. The debit card is linked directly to your bank account, so you can deposit only as much as is available in your bank account. That ensures you will never develop a gambling problem or addiction with debit card payments.

All the top mobile casinos accepting South African players that we list for you on our site support debit card payments and withdrawals. The top debit card payment methods at this time are Visa Electron, Visa Debit and MasterCard Maestro. These are three of the most popular debit cards across the world.

While deposits using debit cards are instant, withdrawals take a little while. A number of mobile casinos for South African players offer debit cards as a withdrawal method.


EasyEFT is a popular payment method in South Africa that allows for instant fund transfer directly from your bank account to the seller or vendor you are transacting with. It is owned and operated by a South African company with headquarters in Mauritius. It is relatively new compared to some of the other payment methods that you find at mobile casinos. You need to register with EasyEFT and open an account with them to be able to use it to deposit funds into your mobile casino account. Registration is fairly straightforward and simple. All you need is an account with one of the South African banks.

One of the biggest pluses that this method provides over other payment methods is that players do not have to go through the hassle of converting their South African Rands into US Dollars or any other currency that the mobile casino accepts. Another significant advantage is that because this is a method that helps you to transfer funds from your bank account directly to your mobile casino account, you are saved the bother of transacting from your credit card account. Any funds that you transfer into your casino account through EasyEFT is effectively money that is yours.

Using EasyEFT to transfer funds into your mobile casino account is simple and easy, apart from being totally secure. You don’t have to link your credit card to make payments using this method. The two basic criteria to making payments with EasyEFT are that you have an EasyEFT account and that the casino supports this payment method.

To deposit funds into your casino account with EasyEFT, sign up/log in to your casino account and choose EasyEFT as your preferred payment method. Next, make a minimum payment using this method: at most mobile casinos the amount to be paid is R25. While there is no fee for depositing funds with EasyEFT from the casino’s side, there may be a fee charged by your bank.

Secure Instant Deposit (SID)

Secure Instant Deposit or SiD is a secure and player-friendly payment method that caters to South African mobile casino fans. This method has been around for over a decade now – it was launched in 2007 – and enables South African players to transact safely at mobile casinos that support it. This is another payment method that enables players to transfer money from their bank casino account into their mobile casino account. It is fast, reliable and safe to use, which is why it is so popular among South African players.

Using SiD to deposit funds into your casino account is simple. You would need a SiD account, of course, to get started. Signing up with SiD is quick and easy. Once you have a SiD account, log in or sign up with the casino you are looking to play at and head to the Cashier section. Once there, select SiD as the payment method of your choice. Then, choose the bank with which you have an account and log in. Once the bank approves the payment request the money is transferred out immediately.

SiD is completely secure and easy to use. The biggest benefit of using this payment method is that it allows you to retain control over your spend as it uses money from your account and not a credit card.


NETeller is one of the most popular e-wallets in the world today and you find it offered extensively at mobile casinos as well. The use of advanced security technology including secure socket layer encryption and more ensures this is the most frequently used payment method in terms of e-wallets. It operates in 200+ countries and has more than 23 million users worldwide. That is why you find this method being provided to South African players, because they know about it and how it works already.

NETeller basically acts as the interface between your casino account and your bank account. You must have a NETeller account to be able to use its services effectively. Once you have a NETeller account it is imperative that you fund it. You can fund it using any of the standard methods like credit cards as well as e-wallets and bank transfers. One of the most popular products from NETeller is the NET+ card. With this card you can draw funds from your NETeller account at your ATM.

Once you have a NETeller account you are all set to begin your mobile casino adventure and deposit funds for real money play. Ensure that your NETeller account is funded. Log in to the casino – or open an account if it a new one – and visit the Cashier segment. Select NETeller as the preferred payment method. Enter the amount you want to deposit. You are then taken to your NETeller page where you complete the formalities by filling out the form and then click Submit. The money is transferred to your casino account immediately.


Skrill is another popular e-wallet that has been around for quite a while. This method was originally known as MoneyBookers and has more than 36 million users across the world today. It is one of the most commonly used e-wallets for online payments in South Africa and, therefore, easily accessible at all mobile casinos for the players.

Skrill acts as a third party processor, the interface, between you and the mobile casino you are at. To use Skrill to deposit funds into your casino account you must open an account with Skrill itself. Once you have a Skrill account you will need to fund it using any one of the popular payment methods supported. To deposit funds into a mobile casino account using Skrill, sign up with the casino and then visit the Cashier section.

Once you are at the Cashier section select Skrill as the preferred mode of payment and enter the amount to be deposited. You are taken to your Skrill page where you log in and provide all the details on the form provided. Click Submit and you will find the amount deposited into your casino account.

Bank Transfer

Along with all the other payment methods that you get at mobile casinos for South African players, you also get another method to try out: local bank transfer. This method allows you to transfer funds from your bank account directly to your casino account. Of course it works best if you have a local South African bank account.

Using this method is easy: log in to your mobile casino account and visit the Cashier section. Select bank transfer as your choice of payment method and the amount to be transferred. Choose the bank with which you have your account from the list provided to be taken directly to its home page. Log in using your username and password and provide all the details on the form provided. Once you have filled the form, tap on the Submit button to initiate the transfer process. The funds will take a while to reach your account, anywhere between 24 hours to 72 hours or even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SA players' best payment methods to fund their mobile casino accounts?

There are quite a few payment methods that South African players can use to fund their mobile casino accounts. Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard and debit cards like Visa Electron and Maestro are very secure and safe. There are also other methods available, like NETeller, Skrill, EasyEFT and SiD.

Does every online payment method available suit South African players?

Not all payment methods work for South African players. There are a few that are the perfect fit, as listed on this page earlier.

How safe is it to conduct transactions from my mobile casino account?

All transactions at mobile casinos are safe because of the level of security that mobile casinos employ. All transactions and personal information that players provide the casino with are protected with the latest digital security technology, including advanced firewalls and secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

How fast to deposits reach my mobile casino account?

Deposits into your mobile casino account are usually fast. Of course, it depends on the payment method chosen. For instance, bank transfers take a long time, but payment methods like Visa and MasterCard credit cards or NETeller and Skrill reach your account instantly.

Which payment method do south african players use the most when depositing?

That is really hard to tell, because there are quite a few payment methods that mobile casinos support which work perfectly for South African players. There are credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and also bank transfer to choose from. All of them work perfectly for a South African player; bank transfers are secure but take a little time to reach a player’s account.

Can i make payments by phone credit, i.e. charging the amount to my phone bill?

Unfortunately, payments by phone credit is not an option that is available to South African players as yet.

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