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Out of the many convenient payment methods available for South African gamblers, Blu Voucher is a quick and safe way to transform your cash into airtime, lottery tickets, or spins on your favourite mobile slot machine. It is a solution available at a network of retail partners, mobile banking apps, and informal vendors across the country.

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In this article, we’ll look at what Blu Voucher is, how and where you can purchase it, and how you can use it to top up your online casino account.

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Introduction to Blu Vouchers

Blu Voucher is one of the several popular prepaid payment solutions available in South Africa. It is a quick and convenient way to use cash for online payments. It is a solution that allows you to buy a voucher for cash at a retail store or an informal vendor and use it to instantly pay for products or services online at Blu Voucher’s partners, without using a card or a bank account.

Blu Voucher is a service run by Blue Label Telecoms whose goal is to create a completely “payment agnostic” network. It is available from thousands of partners, and it can be used to pay for dozens of services.

How to Buy Blu Vouchers

Blu Vouchers are available at a network of thousands of retailers, including at the registers, vending machines and point-of-sale terminals. Buying them is easy: you just ask for them at checkout or buy them directly from the terminal. Blu Vouchers are available with values between R2 and R1,000.

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Online, you can purchase a Blu Voucher through Capitec’s internet banking solution or Kazang vendors. 

How to Buy Blu Vouchers with Capitec

  • In your Capitec app, tap “Transact”

  • Select “Buy Vouchers”

  • Choose Blu Voucher

  • Select the account you’ll pay from

  • Choose or enter the voucher amount

  • Enter the recipient’s mobile number

  • Select “Buy now”

You can also buy a Blu Voucher using USSD:

  • Dial 1203279#

  • Choose “Buy”

  • Select “Vouchers”

  • When prompted, accept the terms and conditions

  • Respond with your preferred voucher type

  • Choose or enter the voucher amount

  • Enter the recipient’s mobile number

  • Select the account you’ll pay from

  • Enter your mobile banking PIN code to confirm your purchase

Once you purchase your voucher, you will get a 16-digit PIN code representing the amount of the voucher. The voucher code is valid for 36 months (3 years) from the date of purchase. After that, it is lost.

Using Blu Vouchers Online

Using a Blu Voucher online is quick and easy. All you need to do is:

  • Visit the desired website

  • Of the available payment methods, select “Blu Voucher”

  • Enter the 16-digit PIN code when prompted

  • Redeem

Blu Voucher for Online Betting and Gaming

You can use Blu Voucher to top up a wide variety of online gambling accounts. The process is simple but it can differ from one betting site to another.


To top up your Betway account using Blu Voucher:

  • Head over to the Betway website or app

  • From the available deposit methods select Blu Voucher

  • Paste or type in your 16-digit PIN and redeem

  • Start playing


  • Log into your Hollywoodbets account using your username and password

  • Tap the green “Top up” button at the top right corner of the screen

  • Select “Make a deposit”

  • Select “Blu Voucher”

  • Paste or type in your 16-digit PIN code

  • Redeem code


  • Log into your Supabets account using your username and password

  • Select “Deposit” from the navigation bar (the second from the left)

  • Locate and select “Blu Voucher” in the list of available deposit methods

  • Paste or type in your 16-digit PIN code

  • Redeem code

Blu Vouchers for Everyday Purchases

You can redeem Blu Vouchers at an ever-increasing list of redemption partners. Among others, you can use it to buy airtime on Calmex, Talk360, 101 Mobile, and Poket Mobile, pay for Ikeja Wifi or data transfer on Megs App.

Blu Voucher Generators and Free Codes

You can obtain free Blu Voucher codes from various promotions and special offers. You can find most of them on Blu’s social media accounts. At the time of writing, Blu is giving away four R250 vouchers through its Facebook page.

Don’t believe Facebook groups or random individuals pretending to sell you heavily discounted voucher codes or code generators. These are most likely scammers out for your personal information or your money.

Security and Reliability

Blu Voucher is a completely secure means of turning your cash into online betting credit. The biggest danger you face when using it is losing your 16-digit PIN code. Unfortunately, if you lose a PIN, the money it represents is also gone - so make sure you take extra good care of it.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

The most common issue you may encounter when using a Blu Voucher is that your payment is declined. First of all, you have to make sure your voucher has enough value to cover the payment you’re trying to make. If this is the case, and the payment is still declined, you can contact your service provider for a solution. 

If this still doesn’t solve your issue, all you need to do is wait. The service provider will contact Blu Voucher and find a solution to the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blu Voucher?

Blu Voucher is a single-use prepaid voucher payment solution to pay online or top up accounts using cash. It doesn’t require a credit or debit card or a bank account.

Where can I buy a Blu Voucher?

You can buy a Blu Voucher at a huge network of retailers, vending machines, Kazang vendors or through your internet banking app.

How do I pay with a Blu Voucher?

When offered, select Blu Voucher as your payment method. Input your 16-digit PIN code and redeem.

How do I top up my mobile betting account with a Blu Voucher?

Head over to your favourite betting site and visit the Cashier. Select “Deposit”, and choose Blu Voucher as your payment method. Paste or type in your 16-digit PIN code and redeem. And you’re done.

Does a Blu Voucher expire?

Yes, it does - but it takes 3 years. After this time passes, the cash value of the voucher is lost.

Blu Voucher is a quick and convenient way to transform your cash into money you can spend online. It can be redeemed at all the major online betting platforms, from Betway to Hollywoodbets and beyond. If you are looking for instant cash deposits to your mobile casino account, look no further: Blu Voucher is your solution.

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