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The EasyPay Voucher is another quick and convenient way to turn your cash into mobile casino playtime. It is available in a network of thousands of Kazang vendors and is supported by a wide variety of betting outlets online.

Easypay voucher

In this article, we’ll look at what the EasyPay Voucher is, how it works, and which South African mobile casinos support it.

What is an EasyPay Voucher?

EasyPay Voucher is a convenient prepaid payment solution that allows you to use cash from your pocket directly online. It is a digital cash solution that allows unbanked individuals to get cash online, top up wallets, and make payments over the Internet.

The EasyPay Voucher is late to the party. The service had its “soft launch” in Kazang in 2022. It is a product of Lesaka Technologies, the company responsible for a series of B2B and B2C payment and banking solutions, including several EasyPay branded ones.

How Does EasyPay Voucher Work?

The EasyPay Voucher works a lot like any other prepaid voucher in South Africa. Except its reach is much more limited: instead of a network of partnered shops, POS terminals or vending machines, the EasyPay voucher is a Kazang exclusive. 

To buy an EasyPay Voucher, head over to the nearest Kazang vendor, no matter if it’s a spaza shop or an informal vendor, and purchase it from there. The voucher is available in denominations from R5 to R1,000. All you need to do is decide the amount, pay the Kazang vendor, and get the 16-digit PIN code that you can use to pay or top up your wallet online.

Using EasyPay Voucher Online

The EasyPay Voucher can be used to pay for a series of services:

  • Airtime with Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom, among others

  • Entertainment with DStv or Showmax

  • Electricity

  • Gaming with a series of mobile casino outlets

  • To pay, all you need to do is to input your 16-digit PIN and redeem. 

How to Deposit Using EasyPay Voucher?

The EasyPay Voucher is supported by a wide variety of South African gambling sites. Among others, you can use it to top up your account at:

  • FirstBet

  • LulaBet

  • PalaceBet

  • 10Bet

  • PlayTsogo

  • BetShack


  • LottoStar

  • Hollywoodbets

  • The National Lottery

To deposit using an EasyPay voucher:

  1. Head over to the casino’s “Cashier” or equivalent section

  2. From the available deposit methods, select “EasyPay Voucher”

  3. Enter the voucher’s amount

  4. When prompted, enter the 16-digit voucher PIN code

  5. Confirm

  6. The funds will become available instantly.

Note that you need to deposit the entire amount of your EasyPay Voucher - you can’t redeem a voucher partially. 


The most frequent issue that can emerge when using an EasyPay Voucher is that your PIN code is invalid. In this case, double-check the numbers in your 16-digit PIN, and try to type it in again. If it still doesn’t work, you will need to contact the EasyPay customer support:

By phone at 087 550 2955

On WhatsApp at 071 871 2173

By e-mail at

More Voucher Options

There are several voucher-based payment solutions available in South Africa. They can be used at countless online outlets, from online stores to entertainment services.

  • OTT Voucher

  • Lottostar Voucher

  • Blu Voucher

EasyPay Voucher FAQ

What is an EasyPay Voucher?

EasyPay Voucher is a prepaid voucher you can use for cash payments online.

Where can I buy an EasyPay Voucher?

EasyPay Vouchers are available at Kazang vendors across South Africa.

Where can I use an EasyPay Voucher?

You can use an EasyPay Voucher to buy airtime, to pay for DStv and Showmax, and to top up your casino accounts. This article lists the casinos supporting EasyPay vouchers.

How long is the EasyPay Voucher valid?

EasyPay Vouchers are valid for 36 months (3 years) from purchase.

Can I use an EasyPay Voucher at a mobile casino?

Yes, several. Check the list of casinos in this article.

What if I lost my EasyPay Voucher?

EasyPay and the Kazang vendors are not responsible for your handling of the voucher. If you lose it, the amount it represents is also lost.

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