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Among all the categories of games that you get at mobile or online casinos today, the most popular are slots. They form the biggest chunk of games in every casino software provider’s game portfolio. There are 3 major reasons for this:

They are themed on different subjects and provide the scope for graphics and animations of the highest quality, which acts as big incentive for players to come and try the games out. They offer much higher payouts than any other mobile casino game. The presence of fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots add to the allure – imagine playing a R10 wager and winning a million dollar jackpot! Each game is short and swift, and the only reason a game may extend to longer sessions is because you are having a good run playing it.

When it comes to mobile slots, you get games with amazing levels of detailing. There are themes, and there are stories within the themes. There are slots based on blockbuster Hollywood movies and TV series, for instance, and you get to play them any time you want. Whatever the theme, the games are optimized for play from a smartphone or tablet, or any other mobile device. The high quality of graphics and animations is a guarantee thanks to the use of advanced technology and development platforms like HTML5.

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Playing Slots on Your Mobile Device

While online casinos allowed you to play from the comfort of your home, mobile slots take that experience several notches higher by taking away the need to sit at home and play: now you can play your favorite slots on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Online casinos captured the slot-playing experience amazingly and brought it directly into your home. The mobile casino took it straight out of your room and into your pocket: now all you have to do to play your favorite slots is reach into your pocket and pull out your mobile device, load your favorite casino and tap on a slot game to play.

Software providers realized the potential revenues possible out of offering games on mobile devices the moment the first wave of mobile telecom devices came through. They adapted the best games from their existing portfolio of slots for a mobile device. As a result, today we have thousands of online slots that providers have optimized for mobile gaming.

And now, there are new providers emerging that cater exclusively to the mobile market. So you get a whole range of new slots games to play.

Mobile Slots and Their Benefits

There are a number of benefits that mobile slots offer.

  • Play your favorite slot games on the go. You get games with the highest levels of quality, be it in terms of graphics and animations, sound effects or game features.
  • You get games that have been customized for your mobile device. The technology used ensures that no matter what kind of device you are using, the game fits right on your screen. Responsive design is big in these games and ensures you don’t have to scroll horizontally to view portions of the game that are hidden because of small screen size.
  • The advent of multi-platform casinos has had a huge impact too: you are no longer limited to playing the slots from a single provider each time you log into your favorite casino. You now get to play the best slots from different leading providers under one roof. This guarantees a massive number of games: earlier if a good number of slots to play at an online casino was a few hundred, today that number is in thousands for the mobile casino fans.

What Do Mobile Slots Offer?

With thousands of mobile slots to choose from, all of exceedingly good quality, it becomes imperative to be aware of what you are looking for and what each game possibly brings before you play it on your mobile device.

One way of increasing your awareness about the different games that are there is to screen a game carefully before you start playing it. A very good option is to load the games on your mobile device and play them in free practice play mode first. This gives you a very good opportunity to test the different features that the game has – all at your time of course – and get an idea of how each of them work.

There are thousands of games available and you may want to screen them for different parameters, such as:

  • Software Provider
  • Bonus Features
  • Free Spins Rounds
  • Extra Features
  • Number Of Reels
  • Number of paylines
  • Presence of jackpots
  • Month/year of release
  • Popularity and So On.

There are some games that are so popular that there is no screening needed. You see the game at the online casino and know you must play this game.

While checking out the graphic and animation quality of a game, it is also important to ensure that the game has enough features in it to help you win big. There is no point in playing an extremely good looking game that offers only limited opportunities to score wins.

How to Win when Playing Mobile Slots

One of the most important things you need to do as a player is to work out how a game plays. Once the game loads, you can tap the relevant button to get all the basic details about the various features, such as the way the paylines pay out, the different symbols in the game and how much they pay, the presence of wild symbols and scatter symbols, and most importantly, what are the free spins or bonus round features, if any, and how they play.

Reading up on the features alone won’t help; you also need to try out the game and get a hang of all these features. The practice play option gives you a good way to do this. You can check for the bet range, the minimum and maximum coin size that you can use, and so on.

There are other practical issues to track down – for instance, the payout history of the game. Knowing about the payout percentage (PP) will give you a good idea of this.

Device Compatibility with Mobile Slots

The first thing that you must check out and ensure when you are scouting for a good mobile casino or slot game is device compatibility. There are hundreds of amazing looking mobile casinos for South African players that look fabulous and come with hundreds of games. All of that comes to nothing if the casino is not compatible with the mobile platform your device is on.

A good way of ensuring you pick a casino that is compatible with your device’s mobile platform is to read our reviews carefully. They are very detailed and cover every aspect of mobile casino game play. Device compatibility is in fact one of the primary parameters we check for.

The Importance of Games

When it comes to slots, the collection of games doesn’t really matter all that much, but it is still important to check for. Slots are the biggest slab of the game portfolio that a provider has and every one of them has its own salient features. The key then is to identify the kind of games you are looking to play, starting with the theme and going right up to the bonus.

Mobile Slots Betting

There is no change in betting patterns when it comes to mobile slots.

  1. The first step is to check out the coin sizes and pick a size that is comfortable for you. This will ideally be dependent on how much money you want to spend at the casino during that game session.
  2. Once you have picked the size, and if the game has flexible paylines, decide how many paylines you want to use for a bet. Playing all the paylines is a good bet as it gives you a shot at winning the maximum for a spin.
  3. Once you have placed your bets you are ready to spin the wheel and get going. The good thing is that you can review your bets after each spin, based on whether you are winning or losing and how you feel in the event of either of that happening.

One important item to check out when it comes to the bets and how much you can win is the payout document that the casino provides for every game. You get to know the game rules and every other important detail about the game in this document. Even more important: it is possible that there are some features that are triggered only for higher bets or for paying more overall and that you don’t know about them. You can read all about these and more in these documents.

Playing Mobile Slots with Free Spins Bonuses

When you sign up for real money play, you get a range of promotions and bonuses that you can use to spice up your play experience and boost your bankroll at no additional cost. One of the most popular bonuses that players can use to play mobile slots is the free spins bonus. You get a specific number of free spins that you can use to play mobile slots covered by the bonus.

There are 3 kinds of free spins bonuses players can get at mobile casinos:

  • No deposit free spins
  • Deposit free spins
  • Loyalty complimentary free spins

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins are among the most sought-after bonuses not just at mobile casinos but online casinos as well. This bonus gives South African players a specific number of free spins the moment they open an account with the casino, even before they deposit funds into it. The number of free spins you get depend on the casino you are playing at; you usually get anywhere between 5 and 30 free spins.

No deposit free spins are very popular because you do not have to deposit money to claim this bonus. That is not all though; you can use this bonus to get a taste of the real money play environment without depositing anything. And there are winnings that you can pick up to boost your bankroll. Some casinos credit this bonus automatically to your account once you sign up, while others require you to use a bonus code to claim it.

However, there are terms and conditions that you must fulfil to be able to withdraw winnings from it.

These include:

Wagering requirements, which require you to wager your winnings from the bonus a specific number of times.

Minimum qualifying deposit, which is the amount you need to deposit to withdraw winnings.

Eligible games, which are the games that you can play with the bonus.

Maximum cap amount, which is the cap on the maximum amount you can withdraw from your winnings out of this bonus.

Free Spins upon Depositing

Deposit free spins are available to players on making a qualifying deposit into their account. This bonus is available to both new players and existing players. New players get this bonus usually as part of their welcome bonus package. For example, you could get a 100% match bonus and 30 free spins as your welcome bonus. Deposit bonuses are also available to existing players when they make a deposit into their accounts.

At some casinos the deposit free spins bonus is credited to your account the moment you deposit funds into it. Other casinos may require you to provide the required bonus code to be able to claim the bonus once you have deposited funds into your account. Claiming wins from this bonus is possible once you have fulfilled the terms and conditions attached to it, including wagering requirements.

Complimentary Free Spins for Loyal Players

This is a special bonus that some mobile casinos offer you as a mark of appreciation of your loyalty. In jargon we call the Loyalty Free Spins. The casino offers this free spins bonus based on the number of times you have played with them over a period of time.

A casino may offer complimentary free spins to you on special occasions in your life, like a birthday or your anniversary. The casino will inform you about the availability of this bonus through their customer support team. You will learn about it through e-mail or a live chat session with the casino’s support team.

Mobile Slots Payouts

There is a payout each time you win a round when playing mobile slots. The payouts vary for different winning combinations. The highest payout is the jackpot. It is triggered on landing specific symbols a certain way across the reels. You win this on landing 5 symbols – or the same symbol in 5 different positions – across the reels. Some games come with progressive jackpots. These are lucrative and could give you a life-changing win: imagine winning a million Rands for playing a game for just half an hour.

The payouts are determined not just by the symbols and where they land but also other features like multipliers, wild symbols and the presence of special bonus features in some games. The most common feature that helps you put together some big payouts is the free spin bonus – you get a specific number of spins for free, which means you don’t have to place any wagers for these rounds but still get to win.

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