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Are you looking to find out more about free mobile casino games? Here we will explain to you what free mobile casino games are, why you should play free mobile casino games and how they work. We also list the best and most reliable casino sites that offer high quality mobile casino games for you to play for fun and maybe move onto real money play when you feel ready.

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What Are Free Mobile Casino Games?

Mobile casinos are great to play your favorite casino games on the go. While most games are available for real money play, if you are not sure about spending money on a game yet, you can play free mobile casino games.

Free mobile casino game highlights:
Play without spending your money.
Almost every mobile casino provides free games.
You can generally play the free games even without opening an account and logging in. Just roll over the game icon and tap the practice play mode.
If you have to create an account then choose to play in free play mode. Once you select that option you just have to click on a game to load it and start playing.

Why Play Free Mobile Casino Games?

Most people want to play mobile casino games with real money to experience the thrill of winning money. However, there are some people who would want to play for free.

It may be that a player loves the excitement of playing at a mobile casino but is not ready to spend money yet. This is understandable because the games look fantastic and come with amazing graphics and high-quality animations – for instance, a 3D slot from BetSoft Gaming or a NetEnt slot – and exciting sound effects to enhance the play experience.

Playing free casino games is a good option for those who are new to casino gambling. It gives them an opportunity to try out the games first and get a feel of how things work.
They can learn the details about the game – how a particular feature works, or what strategy to use.

Imagine playing slotswith multiple bonus features; it makes sense to play the game until you have triggered all the features to get a sense of how they work and what to expect out of them. This is also very true when you are visiting a casino for the first time; playing the games for free gives you a chance to feel your way around the site and make yourself comfortable.

Playing free mobile casino games is also helpful for skill-based games. Take for instance a game like blackjack. This is a game where strategy plays a critical role in determining whether you win or lose. If you are not aware of how to respond to a hand – hit or stand, for instance – and make the wrong moves, you lose money. Playing free blackjack games gives you a chance to learn the game, study the strategies involved for each hand and play the game repeatedly until you have mastered the different strategies for each hand.

Free mobile casino games are also a good option when you are on the go. Grab your phone, find your favorite roulette game and start playing for free.

For some players, it is simply the excitement of playing games of chance even if nothing is at stake. The arrival of social casino gambling has taken this to a whole new level. There are games that allow players to build up scores and then compare their performance with their friends. This creates a sense of competition and it is healthy because you are not spending money on it.

How Free Casino Games Work

The way free casino games work is the same across most casinos. The difference is primarily in the way you gain access to these games. Some mobile casinos allow you to play the games just by launching the site on their mobile browser and tapping on the game you wish to play. Some others are more precise and require you to open an account with them, log in using the account credentials, and then play for free.

When opening an account, some casinos give you the option of choosing your mode of play - free practice play or real money play. At other casinos you can just open an account, roll over the icon/image of the game you want to play and tap the fun play/free play/practice play option.

Every free casino game comes with dummy credits. When you launch a free mobile casino game the casino gives you credits to play with. You can use these credits to place your bets. As you win, your credit level increases and this is a huge confidence-booster for first-time players. When you lose you will find the credit level decreasing. Some casinos replenish your dummy credits once you have exhausted them entirely and still want to play for free. At some other casinos you will need to reload the game to get the dummy credits again.

There are also mobile casinos where you find a leaderboard attached to a free casino game. This is another great strategy to pique players’ interest and get more new players to try out the game. The leaderboard basically lists the names of the players in the order of their scores – highest scores downwards. As a player it is a great incentive for further free play or maybe even making the switch to real money play.

Regardless of which free casino game you are playing and where you are playing - you cannot withdraw any winnings earned from these games.

Winning Real Cash by Playing Free Casino Games

It is also possible to play and win cash when you are playing a game for free at a mobile casino with a no deposit bonus. The primary criterion shifts, of course – you have to sign up for real money play to get this promotion. You get the no deposit bonus the moment you sign up with the casino.

This bonus comes in two forms –

  • Free cash or casino credits: The casino credits your account with free cash that you can use.

  • Free spins: The casino credits a specific number of free spins that you can use to use play slots. It usually lists out the slots covered by this bonus.

This is a great way of winning cash without spending any money of your own. Of course, there are terms and conditions that you will need to fulfil to ensure you are able to withdraw your winnings.

These include wagering requirements such as:

  • You need to wager the bonus amount a specific number of times

  • You must make a minimum deposit into your account

  • You must play the specified games

Another way of winning cash while playing free casino games is by participating in multiplayer tournaments that casinos host. There are two types of tournaments:

  • Those that come with a minimum buy-in

  • Freerollsthat do not come with a fee

You can effectively play at these tournaments without spending money and give yourself a chance to win some. Of course, you can participate in these tournaments only with a real money account.

The Best Free Mobile Casino Games

There are no specific games that fall in the ‘best free mobile casino games’ category as the criteria for deciding what is ‘best’ varies from person to person. For some, the best free casino games may be the ones that enable them to win money, be it through regular play or tournament play. For others, it may the games that come with the leaderboard and give them the rush of being in competition.

Some others, for instance, those who prefer skill-based games like blackjack, may actually vote for the free blackjack games. And those who love games because of the spectacular graphics and animations may opt for some of the flashy slot games around.

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