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Seamless payments are one of the most important aspects of the online gambling experience. And this is where Ozow can help. This payment processor simplifies money transfers in the online market, especially in iGaming. In this Ozow review, we’ll dive into what Ozow is, how it works, and how you can use it to top up your online casino account.

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What is Ozow?

Ozow is a payment gateway and bank API. This means that it facilitates money transfers between you, the user, and the various merchants and banks through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Formerly known as I-Pay, Ozow was founded by serial entrepreneur Thomas Pays, along with Aions founder Mitchan Adams and Lyle Eckstein, in 2014. Their goal was to improve the payments ecosystem in South Africa by meeting the needs of a fast-paced digital economy. 

Ozow offers you “lightning-fast bank-to-bank payments” on smart devices like smartphones and smartwatches without the need for a card. In short, it is an automated online EFT service that facilitates payments between merchants and the country’s close to 50 million bank account holders.

How Does Ozow Work?

Ozow leverages instant EFT technology that allows immediate money transfers between two bank accounts without needing a credit or debit card. It is a secure payment method that ensures a direct route from your bank account to the merchant’s. It is fast, user-friendly, and widely available.

You can use Ozow payments for direct transfers in eCommerce, and electronic billing. It can also process payments by reading a QR code, and even through SMS. The company works with all major South African banks. To pay, you will need your internet banking credentials.

How to pay with Capitec, Standard Bank, and FNB

To pay from your Capitec, Standard Bank, or FNB account using Ozow, you need to follow similar steps:

  1. In the Ozow app, choose Capitec from the list of available banks

  2. Log into your online banking profile

  3. Add the payment’s beneficiary

  4. Choose an account to pay from, where applicable

  5. Verify the details of the payment

  6. Confirm the payment with your bank to complete the transaction

Ozow App

The most straightforward way to use Ozow on your phone is to download and install the Ozow.ME smartphone app. You can download it from all major app marketplaces:

Ozow app downloads:

To install the Ozow ME app, all you need to do is search for it on the appropriate app marketplace and install it on your phone.

Ozow makes it easier for you to complete your everyday payments:

  • You can easily transfer funds between Ozow users using QR codes, WhatsApp, SMS, and shareable request links

  • Buy airtime, data, and even electricity directly from the app

  • Buy prepaid vouchers directly from the app

How to Use Ozow at Online Casino & Betting Sites

Ozow is a great solution for topping up your online casino and betting accounts. You can do this in a few easy steps:

  1. Register or log into your online account at a real money casino

  2. Access the Cashier section or select “Deposit” when available

  3. From the available payment methods select “Ozow”

  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit

  5. Select your bank from the list

  6. Select the account you want to use for the payment

  7. Depending on your bank, you’ll have to confirm the payment by entering an OTP or through a push notification

Ozow vs Payfast

As a payment solution that’s secure, versatile, and fast, Ozow is widely supported by South African online casinos and betting sites. Its big competitor in this area is PayFast. These two payment methods are the most widespread in South African casinos.

  • Ozow has the advantage of its user-friendly interface and its focus on security.

  • PayFast, in turn, supports more payment methods, including debit and credit cards, and cryptocurrency. It also supports recurring payments. On the other hand, it has higher transaction fees than Ozow.

Is Ozow safe?

Yes, Ozow is safe. Ozow uses industry-standard encryption and SSL to protect its users’ financial and personal information. This is on top of your bank’s multi-factor authentication (MFA). When it comes to privacy, Ozow is also on the top of its game: it adheres to POPIA and GDPR as well.

Ozow Login and User Interface

Ozow is a mobile-first payment processor. This means that you can’t access it through a web interface - you will need to download and install its native mobile app. The Ozow ME app is available in all major app marketplaces - this means that the app has undergone a strict approval process.

Installing the app is easy. You simply navigate to the App Store, Play Store, or App Gallery, search for Ozow, and download the app. The system will do the rest.


You don’t need to register an account to use Ozow as a consumer. All you need to have is a smartphone or tablet, and a bank account. Ozow will serve as a gateway between the merchant (or casino) of your choice and your bank.

Using Ozow for Payments

Making payments with Ozow is a simple, streamlined process:

  1. On the merchant’s (or online casino’s) website, select Ozow as the payment method

  2. Select your bank. Ozow works with all major commercial banks in South Africa

  3. Select the desired amount

  4. Log in using your Internet banking credentials

  5. Confirm the payment with your bank’s OTP or another 2FA method

Ozow in the Marketplace

Ozow is one of the largest payment gateways in South Africa - if not the largest. This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering it is widely accepted and doesn’t cost you a thing to use. 

Since 2014, Ozow has raised more than $48 million (R906 million) of venture capital. Chinese telecom Tencent and Endeavor Catalyst are among its investors.

Ozow is a private company, so its share price is not available. Dealroom estimates that its current market value is around $250 million (around R4.7 billion).

Common issues and frequently asked questions

The most common issues that can emerge while paying with Ozow are related to bad internet connections and insufficient funds. For any other issue, you can contact Ozow using one of these methods:

Frequently Asked Questions - Ozow FAQ

What is Ozow?

Ozow is South Africa’s leading instant EFT payment gateway.

Who owns Ozow?

Ozow is a private company that was founded by Thomas Pays, Mitchan Adams, and Lyle Eckstein in 2014.

How do Ozow payments work?

Ozow links your bank account to your casino’s, acting as a gateway between the two. It instantly transfers funds between them.

What banks does Ozow work with?

Ozow works with all major commercial banks in South Africa.

Can I trust Ozow?

Yes, you can. Ozow is among the safest payment gateways available in South Africa. On top of that, it also relies on the multifactor authentication used by your bank.

Is Ozow free to use?

Yes, it is. Your Ozow payments don’t cost you a thing.

Do I need an account with Ozow to deposit at an online casino?

No, you don’t. All you need is a bank account with internet banking to complete a payment using Ozow.

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