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What Is a Revolut Casino? 

Revolut is a purpose-driven online payment solution that was launched in 2015 in the United Kingdom. The founder of Revolut used to be a trader and routinely made dozens of international transactions every single day. He grew increasingly frustrated with the unfair surcharges and over-the-top currency exchange fees he had to bear with every single transaction.

This was the problem Revolut was to solve, but it has now become much bigger than that. There are currently over 15 million Revolut users around the world and the payment provider handles in excess of 150 million transactions a month. Revolut is a multicurrency card that supports most major fiat currencies at intra-bank exchange rates. 

Effectively, Revolut as a product is a card (which can either be virtual or physical) and a linked mobile app. The card works pretty much like any other Visa or Mastercard bankcard which is convenient for online payments.

However, the real value lies in the app which offers a slew of features including – interest-earning, receiving and sending money around the world instantly, managing your expenses, planning out your budgets, tracking where and how you are spending your money, stock and crypto trading, buying gold and silver and even booking flights & hotels. 

Revolut is available now in South Africa and one of the areas where its implementation will be especially appreciated is in the online gaming sector where security, speed, privacy and low fees are highly sought after. Want to know why you should consider using Revolut at your online casino? Here are just a few compelling reasons to do so. 

Why Revolut Rocks for Online Casino Gaming in SA:

  • Revolut supports South African Rands and a slew of other currencies without exchange fees 
  • Revolut offers free deposits which are instant 
  • Revolut, like Visa and Mastercard, supports Original Credit Transfer withdrawals so the casino operator can pay you your winnings without needing any sensitive card or account details 
  • The Revolut app offers instant notifications which tell you exactly which company charged you as soon as the transaction takes place in real-time 
  • Using Revolut is really simple and it is just like using any other bank card to make an online payment 
  • Revolut is SSL encrypted and is also FCA approved 
  • Receive deposit bonuses when you make a deposit with your Revolut card 

Bonuses at Revolut Casinos 

A major advantage of playing at online casinos as opposed to land-based casinos is that you get to enjoy a slew of incredible casino bonuses. Some of these offers are almost too good to be true. Online casinos that support Revolut as a payment method are no exception. They too spoil their players with boundless bonuses of all shapes and sizes.

In fact, the Revolut casinos that we have recommended here have been shortlisted after careful assessment and testing. We consider the casino’s game collection, security, licensing and most certainly – the bonuses and loyalty program. So, when you pick one of these Revolut casinos and sign up, you are in for plenty of treats. Some of the common bonuses you can expect at Revolut Casinos are listed below.

No Deposit Bonuses 

Casinos seldom provide no deposit bonuses these days since they are significantly more vulnerable to manipulation by players and far riskier for the casino to give. A no deposit bonus is one that does not need you to make a deposit before playing for real money at an online casino.

Typically, you visit the casino website and register an account, or you download the casino app and sign up for an account. Upon successfully creating an account, you are credited with your no deposit bonus. That's right! Even before you make your first deposit, you are already handed a handsome little incentive to start you off on the right foot. 

The no deposit bonus first came about as a way to prove the naysayers wrong. It was an effective way for an online casino to offer some skeptical players a chance to play games for real money and get a first hand feel for the casino and its games without undertaking any risk (risk of financial loss) whatsoever. At Revolut Casinos and most online casinos in general, no deposit bonuses come in the form of either free spins or free casino cash. 

A no deposit bonus is really easy to claim – all you need to do is sign up. However, it is not always the easiest to cash out. This is because casinos mitigate the risks associated with a no deposit bonus by imposing wagering requirements on them. Thankfully, the wagering requirements at our Revolut partner casinos are low and easygoing. 

Deposit Bonuses 

Deposit bonuses are commonly referred to as match bonuses in the iGaming industry. The reason the term ‘match’ is used to refer to this kind of bonus is that when you make a deposit, the casino matches your deposit amount and offers you a bonus. If it’s a 100% match deposit bonus and you deposit R500, then the casino will give you an R500 bonus. Likewise, if it is a 50% match deposit bonus and you deposit R500, then the casino gives you an R250 bonus. 

The key requirement to claiming a match bonus is making sure you make a deposit that qualifies for the bonus. This entails that the amount of money you deposit should be at least equal to or greater than the minimum required deposit amount as stipulated in the bonus terms and conditions. 

At select Revolut casinos, such as the ones on our recommendation list, you can make a deposit using your Revolut card and you will receive a handsome deposit bonus, especially if you are a new player and you are making your first deposit at the casino. 

Payments and Withdrawals at Revolut Casinos

It's simple to use Revolut to make a payment at an online casino. There are a few prerequisites to get started, which are as follows:

  • A physical Revolut card OR a virtual Revolut card
  • A membership with a Revolut online casino 

To make a deposit 

A Revolut card, be it a physical one or a virtual one, is identical to any credit or debit card in a lot of ways. Just like how your Visa or Mastercard has a 16-digit card number, an expiration date, a cardholder’s name, and a 3-digit security code, your Revolut card will also have the same attributes. 

In fact, most Revolut cards are Visa cards. Therefore, making a deposit with your Revolut card is just like making a deposit with a traditional bank card – it is a piece of cake. If you are in awe of the various benefits associated with a Revolut account, as we are, then you should know that Revolut is available in South Africa and it is really easy to get your hands on your own Revolut card. It only takes a minute to sign up for your Revolut account and the standard Revolut plan is completed free.

Once you create your Revolut account, you are issued a virtual card which is good enough for the purpose of online casino payments. However, if you want to have a physical card, you can apply for one online and it will be securely shipped to you in a few business days. Once you have your Revolut virtual or physical card, you can make a deposit by simply following these steps: 

  • Access your Revolut casino by logging in with your user name and password.
  • To make a deposit, go to the cashier page and select the deposit option or tab.
  • A selection of deposit banking options appears; Select Revolut from the list of options
  • Fill in the card number, expiration date, cardholder name, and security code once you've entered the amount you want to deposit.
  • Submit your deposit request once all fields are duly filled
  • The money you deposited will reflect in your Revolut casino account immediately (provided the transaction is approved)
  • You will receive an instant notification on your smartphone from the Revolut app alerting you of the transaction.

To make a withdrawal 

Most online casinos players who routinely use Revolut only use it for the purpose of making instant deposits. However, it can also be used for withdrawing your casino winnings. Even if you are using the free Revolut standard plan, you can still request withdrawals to your Revolut account via your Revolut card. However, Withdrawals from online casinos are the same for Revolut as they are for Visa or Mastercard. 

In general, you may only use your Revolut card as a withdrawal method on the basis of OCT (Original Credit Transfer). This means you can only pick your Revolut card as a withdrawal option if you've already used it previously at the same online casino to make a deposit.

The online casino operator/merchant can make a payout to your Revolut account using the original credit transfer even though the operator does not have your card or account details. This is actually safer since these details are sensitive to an extent. 

The processing time for a Revolut withdrawal may vary from one online casino to another, but the ballpark time frame you are looking at is somewhere between 3-6 business days after the withdrawal request is approved. 

  • Sign in to your Revolut casino as you normally would
  • Make sure you have enough adequate withdrawable balance in your account
  • Make your way to the cashier's department.
  • Select the "Withdrawal" tab.
  • Choose Revolut from the drop-down menu of withdrawal choices.
  • Enter the amount you want to cash out.
  • Submit the withdrawal request along with any other information you may be requested for.
  • You should get a message that your withdrawal request has been submitted. 
  • You may check the status of your withdrawal request at any time by signing into your casino account and checking your withdrawal/transaction history 

FAQs About Revolut

How safe is Revolut?

Revolut handles 150 million transactions every month and more than 15 million users around the world trust it with their money. Revolut users trust the payment processor for all the right reasons. Apart from offering safe, end to end encrypted transactions, your money at Revolut is protected by regulated banks under FCA regulation. The system has the ability to flag suspicious transactions and even request two-factor authentication when deemed necessary.

I have blocked my Revolut card, what now?

If you have both a Revolut virtual card and a physical card, you will be glad to learn that even if you have blocked one of them, you can continue using the other since the card number is unique for each card. If you have just one Revolut card and you blocked it, you will have to submit a request for the re-issue of a new card.  

Is Revolut free?

There are four different Revolut packages at this time, namely, Standard, Plus, Premium and Metal. The standard plan is completely free and you will be able to use your standard Revolut account and card to make instant deposits at online casinos and play your favourite games for real money. However, if you’re looking for added features such as commission-free stock trades, crypto investments at lower fees, annual interest-earning, free foreign exchange, discounts on travel and accommodation, etc. then you will have to opt for a paid plan.  

Are Revolut online casinos safe?

We cannot vouch for every online casino on the World Wide Web. However, we can assure you that every single Revolut online casino that we’ve recommended on this page is fully licensed and regulated. These casinos not only offer fair gaming, but they also have well-drafted privacy policies which strive to protect players’ personal information and data on all levels. The databases at these casinos are encrypted using 128-bit SSL encryption for impenetrable security.  

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