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The aCoin Voucher is another prepaid payment solution that you can use to pay for a variety of products and services online - even if you only use cash. But not just cash - it can be purchased online, too, using an EFT, Scode, and Ozow. 

aCoin vouchers

In this article, we’ll try to shed some light on what aCoin is, where it can be purchased, and how it can be used online.

Introduction to aCoin Vouchers

aCoin Voucher is another prepaid payment solution available in South Africa. Unfortunately, there’s not much information available about aCoin. The service is run by Endor Technology (Pty) Ltd, based in Gauteng, incorporated in 2020. 

Like its competitors, it offers a simple way to transact at retailers and online. Being a newcomer, it lacks the widespread acceptance of its competitors, but it’s still an up-and-coming brand worth keeping an eye on.

How to Buy aCoin Vouchers?

Unfortunately, the aCoin website doesn’t have a list of partners like its competitors. What it has, in turn, is a means of buying the voucher directly online. To purchase an aCoin voucher:

  • Head over to the aCoin website at

  • Select “Buy voucher”

  • Choose your payment method

    • Ozow

    • Through ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, and Standard Bank ATMs

    • EFT through ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, and Standard Bank accounts

    • SCode

  • Follow the on-screen instructions

You can buy aCoin Vouchers with values between R5 and R5,000. For amounts over R100, in turn, you’ll have to register and verify your account.

How Do You Verify Your aCoin Account?

To verify your aCoin account, you need to:

  • Head over to the aCoin website

  • Select “Register”

  • Select the arrow pointing down next to your phone number

  • Select “Verification” from the dropdown

  • Select “Start Verification”

  • Enter your ID number

  • Consent to the verification

  • Submit your proof of identity and proof of address when prompted

Non-verified accounts can only purchase vouchers worth R100 per month.

How to Redeem an aCoin Voucher?

You can redeem an aCoin Voucher much like you would redeem any other. When you buy it, you receive a 16-digit PIN number. You’ll have to paste or type in the voucher code at the merchant’s website (or the online casino) to use it. 

As usual, using your aCoin Voucher will not cost you a thing. You can redeem the entire amount you paid for.

How to Use aCoin Voucher for Online Betting and Gaming

As we mentioned before, aCoin is a relative newcomer to the market. This means that it is not as widely supported as its competitors. We only found one South African mobile casino that accepts aCoin Voucher deposits: 

To deposit using aCoin, you have to:

  • Log into your account

  • Access the Cashier section of the site

  • From the available payment methods, choose aCoin

  • Enter the desired amount, then paste or type in the 16-digit voucher code

  • Redeem

The amount of your voucher will show up in your bankroll instantly. Note that you won’t be able to redeem your aCoin voucher partially, only the entire amount. Also, most casinos require you to play through the entire amount deposited using a voucher before you can initiate a withdrawal.

Security and Reliability

aCoin claims to be a secure and reliable payment method - and so far, their track record seems very good. You only need to be careful about not losing the receipt with your PIN or not disclosing it to third parties. Other than that, prepaid vouchers are as secure as they can be.


Your voucher code may sometimes be declined when you try to redeem it. In this case, you should double-check if you typed the PIN code correctly. If you still can’t redeem it, you should contact the merchant, and they will handle the matter from now on.

If you need to contact aCoin, you can contact the company by visiting its website ( and tapping “Support”. This will open a live chat window where you can ask any question not covered in the FAQ.

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aCoin Voucher FAQ

What is aCoin Voucher?

aCoin Voucher is a prepaid payment solution that you can use to turn your cash into money you can use online. It also serves as a payment gateway for selected EFTs.

Where can I buy an aCoin Voucher?

You can buy an aCoin Voucher at ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, and Standard Bank ATMs and on aCoin’s website.

Where can I use an aCoin Voucher?

You can use an aCoin Voucher at a network of partners, as well as at a handful of betting and casino sites.

Does paying with an aCoin Voucher cost me anything?

No, there’s no fee involved - the amount you buy is the amount you can use to top up your accounts or pay online.

Can I top up my casino account using an aCoin Voucher?

Yes, you can use aCoin Voucher as a payment method at select South African casinos.

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