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Gates of Olympus Mobile Slots Review

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Embark on a divine adventure with Gates of Olympus, a mesmerising mobile slot by Pragmatic Play. This celestial game invites South African players to explore the mythical realms of ancient Greece, where the gods reign supreme.

Featuring a visually stunning design and immersive gameplay, Gates of Olympus delivers an unparalleled gaming experience on mobile devices. With cascading reels and a thrilling Ante Bet option, players can unlock the majestic powers of Zeus and other deities, paving the way to heavenly wins. Brace yourself for a journey into the heavens, where the Gates of Olympus hold the key to untold riches and divine fortunes!

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Game Info

Pragmatic Play released Gates of Olympus in 2021, and its rise in popularity has been pretty steady since then. Pragmatic Play stands as a premier mobile slot developer, celebrated for its exceptional commitment to innovation and player-centric games.

With a diverse portfolio boasting cutting-edge graphics and seamless mobile optimisation, Pragmatic Play consistently delivers captivating gameplay on various devices. Their dedication to quality is evident in the dynamic themes, engaging features, and user-friendly interfaces present in their titles.

Moreover, Pragmatic Play consistently pushes boundaries, introducing new mechanics and exciting bonus rounds that keep players on the edge of their seats. Renowned for fair play and reliability, the developer remains a top choice for South African mobile slot enthusiasts seeking extraordinary entertainment and rewarding gameplay.

Pros and Cons of Gates of Olympus

It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you put any real money down on a game, so let's have a look at the pros and cons of playing Gates of Olympus for South African players:

  • Great Graphics And Theme - Gates of Olympus boasts brilliant graphics and an enthralling Greek mythology theme, providing an alluring and visually appealing gaming experience.
  • Exciting Features - The inclusion of cascading reels and the Ante Bet option adds an extra layer of excitement, keeping players engaged and enhancing the overall thrill of the gameplay.
  • Near Mythical Payouts - The game offers the potential for significant wins, especially when unlocking the powers of the gods, providing players with the opportunity to achieve impressive payouts.
  • High Volatility - The game's high volatility may not be suitable for players who prefer more frequent, smaller wins, as significant payouts will happen less often.
  • Dependency on Luck - Like many slots, success in Gates of Olympus relies heavily on luck, which may be a drawback for players who prefer skill-based or strategic elements in their gameplay.

Theme and Symbols of Gates of Olympus

Gates of olympus symbolsWe’ve already mentioned it has a Greek theme, and this is carried throughout, from the backdrop to the symbols. 

A chalice, crown, golden hourglass, ring, and 5 gemstones in blue, green, purple, red, and yellow adorn the reels. There’s also a Zeus figure that functions as a Scatter symbol and awards players multipliers that range in value from 2x to 500x. These are gold-encircled circles with multiplier amounts inside of them in the colours blue, green, purple, and red. These multipliers appear at random in both the base and free spins games.

Gates of Olympus uses a Pay Anywhere mechanic, which means that matched symbols will result in a payout no matter where on the game grid they’ve landed. You’ll need at least 8 matches to receive a payout, and when symbols result in a win, they’ll vanish, with fresh symbols tumbling down into the game. This process can occur indefinitely.

Pragmatic Play’s comic book-style graphics are fabulous, and the upbeat soundtrack will really enhance your gaming. Zeus transforms while the reels are spinning, and he’ll occasionally burst out laughing. When you win big, the sound effects are like game-show music, and a ring signals the start of the free spins feature. Thunder rumbles when the free spins section of Gates of Olympus comes to an end, and lightning sounds accompany the changes between the bonus round and the base game.

Gates of Olympus’ Bonus Rounds

The free spins are the main bonus feature in Gates of Olympus, but there’s also a buy free spins feature and an ante bet:

  • Buy Free Spins

When you use this feature in this mobile slot, you’ll instantly trigger free spins. It costs 100x your current bet but gets disabled when the Ante Bet feature is being used.

  • The Ante Bet

This feature lets South African players set the bet multiplier higher, and this, in turn, affects the game mechanics. If, for example, the bet multiplier is set to 30x, the chance of the free spins activating doubles because there’s more of a chance for scatter symbols to appear on the reels.

  • Free Spins

When at least 4 of the Zeus Scatter symbols appear on the game grid, the free spins feature activates. You’ll start off with 15 free spins, and multipliers from winning spins get added to the total multiple for as long as the feature lasts.

You’ll get another 5 free spins if at least 3 Scatters land on the reels during free spins, and this process can go on indefinitely.

Gates of Olympus Jackpot Payouts

Blue Gem   25x75x200x
Green Gem    90x400x
[1] Yellow Gem   50x100x500x
Purple Gem   80x120x800x
Red Gem   100x150x1,000x
Chalice   150x200x1,200x
Ring   200x500x1,500x
Hourglass   250x1,000x2,500x
Crown   1,000x2,500x5,000x

Gates of Olympus RTP & Volatility

Gates of Olympus’ return to player rate is 96.50%, so you’ll get over R96 back for every R100 you spend on this game, albeit over the long term. So don’t always expect to win 94% of the time you play! 

This game has a very high volatility rating, so you should go into it expecting bigger payouts less frequently. Volatility equals risk, and Gates of Olympus is the perfect example of taking big risks to get big rewards.

Playing Gates of Olympus On Mobile

Playing Gates of Olympus on mobile elevates the slot experience to new heights, effortlessly blending convenience with dazzling gameplay. The mobile version ensures players can delve into the realm of ancient Greece anytime, anywhere, enjoying the game's engrossing graphics and attractive features on the go.

Responsive touch controls enhance engagement, allowing for simple spins and easy navigation. The mobile adaptation preserves the excitement of cascading reels and the Ante Bet feature, promising thrilling moments and big wins in the palm of your hand. With Gates of Olympus optimised for mobile play, the allure of enormous riches is accessible at your fingertips, offering a robust gaming adventure.

Gates of Olympus: Top Tips To Win Big

Gates of olympus slot screeanshot

The question of how to win more when you play slots is a pretty universal one, and although there’s no guaranteed sure-fire way to win, following these tips may help:

  • Always Play Within Your Limits

You should be willing to either lower your bet or stop playing when you hit your limit or are close to hitting it. There’s nothing you can do about the plain fact that most slot sessions are going to end with a loss except treat these as a given and celebrate when you win!

  • Start Small 

Assume that the wins won’t start happening immediately. Start with smaller bets and work up, in the hope that you’ll be betting larger amounts when things do finally start going your way.

  • Don’t Forget Those Bonuses

The South African mobile casinos that we’ve rated highly all offer exceptionally generous promotions to new and returning players. Since these are basically money in the bank, you’d be a fool not to use them to your advantage when playing mobile slots like Gates of Olympus.

Why South African Players Love Gates of Olympus

South African players are drawn to the Gates of Olympus slot for its unique blend of thrilling features and fascinating design, creating an enchanting gaming experience. Players who value rich narratives and stunning graphics connect with the game's interesting theme. The allure of ancient gods and mythical realms adds a cultural and historical dimension that resonates with South African players.

The high volatility of Gates of Olympus appeals to those seeking the excitement of unpredictable wins, providing an adrenaline-filled journey with each spin. The cascading reels and Ante Bet feature contribute to the game's dynamic nature, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Additionally, the potential for significant payouts aligns with the preferences of South African players who relish the prospect of substantial wins. The mobile compatibility of Gates of Olympus ensures accessibility, allowing players in South Africa to enjoy the game seamlessly on their preferred devices, whether at home or on the move.

Overall, the combination of compelling storytelling, appealing features, and the opportunity for substantial rewards makes Gates of Olympus a popular choice among South African players, offering an imaginative escape and the potential for a fortune to be won.

Gates of Olympus FAQs

Do I have to download an app to play Gates of Olympus?

No. Many of the mobile casinos we recommend offer the game in an instant play format.

What’s the biggest payout in Gates of Olympus?

The top win possible in Gates of Olympus is 5,000x the active bet. One lucky player won the equivalent of R949,865!

Can I play Gates of Olympus on my smartphone and tablet?

Yes, Gate of Olympus can be played at top mobile casinos using Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Is Gates of Olympus available in demo mode?

Yes, certain mobile casinos will allow you to play Gates of Olympus for free, with no deposit required.

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