No Deposit Casino Bonus


A no deposit casino bonus is the ideal starting point for a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. For the best experience, you need to find a safe and trusted casino with games that you enjoy playing. 

With the best no deposit bonuses on this page, you can test online casinos for free until you discover one that suits your tastes! And while you are at it, you may even win some rands – consider that the icing on the cake! 


Best South African No Deposit Mobile Casinos


South Africa has a rapidly growing online gambling market. And the vast majority of SA casino players prefer playing on mobile. As a result, there are plenty of South African mobile casinos in 2021. And many of them offer no deposit bonuses to attract new players. Finding the best South African no deposit mobile bonuses online is not easy. 

This is where we come in – our team of online gambling experts scours the internet for the latest no deposit bonus offerings from the highest-rated casinos. We don't show bonuses from shady, unknown, or scam sites. 

All these bonuses listed below are tested to be 100% safe and working: 


Top list

Casino Free No Deposit Bonus Welcome Bonus Compatible Download
silver-sands-casino-logo R300 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : PLAY300
+ 200% Signup & 100% Cash Back in Welcome Bonuses Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
europa-casino-logo R375 Free No Deposit Bonus Up to R24,000 in Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
springbok-casino-logo R500 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : PLAY500
R11,500 Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
zar-casino-logo R350 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : FM350
R30,000 + 30 Free Spins Welcome Bonuses Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
jackpot-cash-logo R300 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : PLAY300
R5,000 Welcome Bonuses Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
thunderbolt-casino-logo R350 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : PLAY350
R10,000 Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
yebo-casino-logo R350 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : NEW350
R12,000 Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
tusk-casino-logo R300 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : PLY300Z
100% up to R5,000 Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
punt-casino-logo R200 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : NDC200
R10,000 Free Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
spin247-casino-logo 100 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : Not Needed
R15,000 + 100 Spins in Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
white-lotus-casino-logo R300 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : R300NEW
R37,500 Welcome Bonuses Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
casino-tropez-logo Free No Deposit Bonus : Not Available
Coupon Code : Not Needed
200% up to R5,000 + 100 Free Spins Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
fatbet-casino-logo R350 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : Not Needed
100% Match Bonus Up To R25,000 Welcome Bonuses Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
lucky-days-casino-logo R300 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : Not Needed
R15,000 & 100 Spins Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
lady destiny casinol ogo Free No Deposit Bonus : Not Available
Coupon Code : Not Needed
110 Free Spins + 750% up to R75,000 Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
winnerama-casino-logo R450 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : Not Needed
200% Match Bonus & 30 Spins Welcome Bonuses Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
lucky-draw-casino-logo R450 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : Not Needed
200% Bonus & 30 Spins Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now
tangiers-casino-logo R450 Free No Deposit Bonus
Coupon Code : Not Needed
750% Bonus & 110 Spins Welcome Bonus Compatible With Desktop Compatible With Tablet Compatible With Mobile Play Now



What is a No Deposit Casino Bonus?


A no deposit casino bonus is a special type of promotional offer available at many online casinos. You can only claim this offer if you are a new player at the casino. If you have ever registered or played at the casino in the past, this offer is not available to you.


But if you are visiting the casino for the first time in your life, you may claim the no deposit bonus. Depending on the type of the no deposit bonus, you will either get bonus cash or free spins. 


The purpose of a no deposit bonus is to attract new players to the casino. All online casinos use these offers from time to time because they are extremely popular among casino players. They are a highly effective marketing tool. 


Players love these bonuses because it is 100% free. With other casino bonuses you have to deposit cash to unlock them. But a no deposit bonus is like a free sample or store credit – you can use it for a short gaming session with real cash betting. 


The best part is that the wins are real – if you win money while using a no deposit bonus, you may be able to withdraw it to your bank account! You are basically getting free money from the casino! 


However, do remember that this is based entirely on your luck. It is NOT guaranteed that you will win and withdraw money every time you play with a no deposit bonus. 


How do you claim a No Deposit Bonus on Mobile?


Claiming a no deposit bonus is pretty easy. As already mentioned, you can only do this once at a casino – the first time you visit and create an account. In the past, you had to visit the casino using a PC/laptop browser. But these days, you can do the same thing on your iPhone/Android mobile or tablet. 


Here is the basic process, broken down into easy steps: 


  • Select any no deposit bonus here and click on the link provided to visit the casino. 
  • You can do this on a PC/Laptop/mobile device – they all work equally well as long as you use a browser like Chrome/Safari. 
  • At the casino website, click on the “Join Now/Register/Create Account” button to start the registration process. 
  • Fill up a few forms with details like your name, email address, phone number, age, and contact address. 
  • Accept the casino terms and click on the “Finish” button to create your new casino account.
  • The casino will create your account and log you into it automatically the first time. 
  • In most instances, the casino will automatically load the no deposit bonus into your new account as soon as it is ready. 

Some casinos add a bonus code to the no deposit bonus offer. You can find these codes next to some bonuses listed on our pages here. In such cases, you can claim the bonus using the following steps: 


  • Memorize the code, or select and copy it to your smartphone memory. 
  • Visit the casino using the link provided and start the registration process. 
  • The casino registration form will have a space where you can enter the bonus code. 
  • Either type the code accurately from memory or paste it from your mobile memory. 
  • Complete the rest of the registration process as normal. 
  • Your bonus code will be activated on registration and bonus chip/spins will be waiting for you in your new account! 


How to withdraw winnings from a No Deposit Bonus


There is one important fact you need to keep in mind about a no deposit bonus – it is free in the sense that you don’t have to spend any money to claim it. But the same cannot be said about the withdrawal process. Let us take a look at the basic steps involved first: 


  • You claim the no deposit bonus and use it to play some slots. 
  • After a few winning rounds, you get some cash – say R200 in your account. 
  • Before you can withdraw the winnings, there are two main formalities:
  • Complete the bonus wagering requirement. 
  • Make a minimum deposit to the casino (usually R20 or R25)
  • The casino will allow you to withdraw some or all of your winnings, depending on another rule called the “max cashout limit.” 


As you can see from the list, casinos don’t allow you to withdraw your no deposit winnings right away. You can only do this after you complete the casino bonus terms and conditions. We have a separate section towards the end of this guide dedicated to the important terms – scroll down to learn more about them in detail. 


Apart from bonus terms, you also have to keep in mind the casino banking terms. In general, you can only make a withdrawal request at a casino if you are a paying customer. And to unlock that feature, you need to make a minimum deposit. 


Types of No Deposit Bonuses


An online casino has a vast variety of games, belonging to various categories like slots, table games, bingo, poker, and so on. Some casinos also come with an attached online sportsbook – a page where you can place bets on sports. No deposit bonuses have evolved to accommodate different categories of players at online casinos, based on their preferences and betting habits.


 No Deposit Bonus Spins


In a no deposit bonus spins/free spins offer, you will get anywhere from 5 to 100 free spins. These spins are linked to a specific video slot (sometimes more than one slot). Each spin is worth a real cash bet, usually the minimum bet value allowed by the slot. 


As the name suggests, you can only use no deposit free spins on slots. This type of bonus is offered by casinos that have a huge selection of video slots and are keen to attract slots fans. Bonus spins are one of the most common no deposit bonuses you will find at South African casinos. 


No Deposit Bonus Credits


A no deposit bonus credit/chip offer will put a small amount of cash in your betting account at the casino. The amount could be as low as R30 or as high as R350. You can use this cash to place bets on any eligible game – the list usually includes slots, lotto, bingo, and some select table games. In general, you cannot use no deposit bonus credits on live casino games/video poker. 


And there is one other thing you absolutely cannot do with a no deposit bonus credit – withdraw it right away to your bank account! Casinos have bonus rules to prevent this type of behavior. That money is yours only for one single purpose – to place bets at the casino games! 


Many players prefer the freedom to bet on any game/slot they like. This is why casinos offer a no deposit bonus credit instead of bonus free spins. But no deposit cash bonus offers a slightly less frequent than free spins offers.  


No Deposit Bonus Bets


This type of no deposit bonus is only available at online casinos that have an additional sports-betting section. No deposit bonus bets are targeted straight at sports betting enthusiasts. It is also called "a free sports bet." 


The amount you get into your betting balance when you sign up got a no deposit bonus bet is quite small – R25 is the most common figure you see at South Africa mobile casinos and sportsbooks. 

No deposit bonus bets come with strict restrictions on eligible odds and betting markets. Always read the bonus terms carefully before placing your bets. 


5 Tips When Choosing a No Deposit Mobile Bonus


At first glance, you may think you can blindly claim any no deposit bonus. After all, they are absolutely free, right? But on deeper inspection, you will realize that there are further factors that need to be considered. There are two major aspects that you need to consider: 



  • Safety & Privacy – you have to provide your contact details and financial information (for deposits) when playing at online casinos. 


  • Bonus Winning Chance – even if all no deposit bonuses are free, they are not created equal when it comes to your chances of pocketing free cash. 

Keeping these two factors in mind, here are 5 expert tips to choose the best no deposit mobile bonus out of a crowd of offers: 


Choose a Reputable Mobile Casino


In the online market, consumer data is like pure gold. Scam sites may steal your personal data and sell it to the highest bidder. To avoid this privacy threat, always try to sign up at reputed mobile casinos. You can find such sites easily if you know the essential features. They include the following: 

  • A valid license from a gambling authority (UK GC, Malta Gambling, Curacao, etc) 
  • A good online reputation – check Google for reports of any complaints, etc
  • A reputed operator – try to prioritize operators who run a group of casinos
  • Branded Software and Games – avoid casinos that have games without any provider branding or background information
  • Secure Payment Methods – look for popular methods like VISA/MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, etc
  • Fair and Transparent Terms – read the casino terms and check their bonus rules, withdrawal terms, etc


Find the Best Mobile Bonus Code


Before picking a no deposit mobile bonus code, don’t forget to read the bonus terms. This is critical if you have any interest in winning and withdrawing free money with the bonus. The best mobile bonus code is one with the following essential features: 

  • A low wagering requirement – look for anything at or below 30X for best odds
  • A high cashout limit – look for bonuses that allow R1000 maximum limits or more

To learn why 30x or R1000 is important, you need to check out our next section on bonus terms and conditions for SA No Deposit Casinos. We have explained why these bonus rules exist and how they work in detail there. 


The important thing to remember is that the number of free spins/quantity of bonus cash does not matter at all if the wagering requirement is extremely high – above 60x. Your chances of winning and withdrawing money are close to zero in such a situation. 


If you have two bonuses with similar wagering requirements and cashout limits, you can use the quantity of the bonus as a tie-breaker. Pick the offer with the most spins/cash. Otherwise, in all other situations, you must try not to pick an offer purely based on how big the freebies are. 

Play Mobile Games with a Low House Edge


If you are picking no deposit free spins, try to pick offers linked to slots that have a low house edge – in other words, games with a high RTP percentage. And if you have no deposit bonus cash, use it on games with high RTP/low house edge. 


They are both interconnected – for instance, if the stated house edge on a game is 5%, it means that the RTP is 95%. Likewise, if you see an RTP of 96% on a slot, you can also read it as 4% house edge – it is quite simple! 


Either way, they both mean the same thing. With a lower house edge or higher RTP, your odds of winning money with the bonus are higher. The previous tip looks at how you can influence your odds by focusing on bonus terms. 


They come into action only after you win money with a bonus. With this tip here, you can boost your chances of winning money by picking the right kind of game. Together, these two measures will improve your chances of winning free money with a no deposit bonus! 

 Make the No Deposit Mobile Bonus Last 


This tip is more focused on no deposit bonus cash on mobile. Think about it – you cannot change the number of spins you get in a free spin bonus. Your game time on such offers is fixed. 


But with a cash bonus, you have more freedom. Don’t make the mistake of placing big bets like R10 or R20 with your bonus money. You have a higher chance of winning if you increase your number of bets. Reduce the bet value to R1 and you get ten or twenty more attempts! 


Sure, you also reduce the size of your winnings with this step, but you need to keep one important thing in mind – with a no deposit bonus, casinos usually have a limit on how much you can withdraw from your winnings. So, there is no great value from winning R10,000 or more, you will only get to keep the amount specified in the bonus terms.


Know When to Stop


Casino gambling is a mode of entertainment – your ultimate aim is to have fun, not earn a steady income. You can claim and use no deposit bonuses as many times as you like – it is safe and risk-free as your cash is not at stake. However, if you deposit and start playing with real money, you need to pay extra attention. Try to keep a check on your spending – set a strict budget and make it a point never to wager above that limit. 

And if you are on a streak of any kind, learn when to stop playing. Especially if you are on a losing streak, don’t try to ride it out if you are above your budget. It is better to cut loose and walk away – you can always come back later when luck is on your side! 

 Terms and Conditions for SA No Deposit Casinos


A no deposit bonus is a high-risk marketing tactic for online casinos. If too many players win big with a free deposit, the money is coming straight out of the casino's revenues. And some smart players may even claim a bonus and walk away without ever spending it at the casino – this is called bonus abuse. 


To prevent huge financial losses and bonus abuse, all online casinos use strict bonus terms on no deposit bonuses. These terms work against you, piling the odds in favor of the casino. If you want to improve your chances of withdrawing your bonus winnings, you have to learn everything about these terms, period. 

Wagering Requirement Explained


The wagering requirement is the most important bonus term every casino player must know about. Never even think about claiming a casino bonus of any type without learning what the wagering requirement is all about! This rule is the main cause of disputes between players and casinos – and it happens very often because players ignore this rule, or don't even know what it is. 


A wagering requirement is mentioned as a multiplier – like 40x, 20x, and so on. That number specifies the number of times you must bet the total value of your no deposit bonus chip before you are allowed to make a cash withdrawal request. 


Here is a simple example – you get R100 as a no deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of 20x. you will only be allowed to make a withdrawal request once you place bets worth 20 times your bonus cash – that is R100 x 20 = R2000. 


If bonus free spins are involved, the wagering requirement is calculated on your winnings. For example, if you win R100 with 20 free spins no deposit bonus (20x wagering requirement) - once you run out of the free spins, you will have to start wagering your winnings balance until you hit the same R2000 target. 


There are only two possible outcomes when a wagering requirement is involved:


  • You will keep placing wagers until your balance reaches zero
  • You will reach the wagering target with some cash leftover in the balance


The first outcome is more likely to happen in most instances – this is how a wagering requirement protects the casino from financial loss. You will run out of your bonus cash and any winnings long before you reach the target. 


But if you get a few big wins along the way, you might find yourself in a situation where you hit the wagering target with cash to spare. In this instance, you have overcome the bonus rule and are eligible to make a withdrawal! 

Wagering Contribution


You can only use bonus money/winnings on select games at the casino. The terms will usually specify eligible/restricted games. Further, the casino will also have a table specifying the contribution of different categories to your wagering requirement. 


A common wagering contribution will look something like this: 

  • Slots, bingo, keno – 100%
  • Table Games – 20%
  • Roulette, Blackjack – 5%
  • Live Dealer, Poker – 0%


What this means is that if you bet R100 on slots or any game with a 100% contribution, the entire amount will be considered for your wagering requirements. But if you bet the same R100 on table games, only R20 will be deducted. If you play poker or live games, it will not reduce your wagering requirement at all. 


Usually, you will always have slots at 100% at all casinos. They want to encourage you to place all your bets on video slots when trying to fulfill wagering requirements. There is one very simple reason for this – slots have the highest house edge of all the casino games. 


With roulette, blackjack, and other games, the house edge is often as low as 1% or less than that. But with slots, it can be 4% or higher. This policy reduces your chances of meeting the wagering requirement – meaning fewer withdrawals from the casino. 


The lesson here is quite simple – if you are trying to fulfill your bonus wagering requirement, always place your bets on slots and try to pick titles with the best player odds (high RTP). 


 Max Cashout


A max cashout limit tells you right away how much money you can withdraw from a bonus. Remember – it does not limit the amount of cash you can win with a no deposit bonus. This bonus rule will activate when you complete the wagering requirement and deposit a minimum amount to the casino. 


With a regular paid bonus, the max cashout limit is usually calculated as a multiplier on your deposit – for instance, if you deposit R1000 and the cashout limit is 10x, it means that you can withdraw your winnings up to a limit of R10,000. 


But since a no deposit bonus has no cash deposit and is a free bonus, casinos will set a hard limit instead of a multiplier. A common number we see at many South Africa mobile casinos is R1000. But the limit can vary at some casinos – it is better to pick no deposit bonuses that promise at least an R1000 cashout. 

Validity Period


All casino bonuses have an expiry date. The timer starts as soon as you claim and receive the bonus from the casino. With no deposit-free spins, the validity period is just 24 hours. A no deposit cash chip may have anywhere from 24 hours to one-week maximum, depending on the casino rules. 


If you don’t use up a bonus within the expiry date, you will lose it forever. And there is another critical thing that many players don’t realize – the expiry date also applies to your bonus wagering! 


Basically, to win and successfully withdraw your bonus winnings, you have to do two things within the validity period: 


  • Fully use up the bonus
  • Fulfill all wagering requirements


If you don’t complete the wagering requirements before the deadline, the casino will simply void all your winning! So keep an eye on your bonus validity and wagering requirement before claiming any offer – if it has a low validity period and high wagering requirement you will not have much time on your hands. 


Pros & Cons of Mobile No Deposit Bonus


A no deposit bonus is incredibly useful in some instances, while also having some major weaknesses. Here are some of the pros and cons of no deposit mobile casino bonuses: 


No Deposit Bonus Pros No Deposit Bonus Cons
!00% Free Bonus - No Risk Involved Can Only be Claimed Once at a Casino
Can Win Real Mpney Withdrawals are Capped to a Low Amount
Useful for Free Trials of Games and Casinos Has Very Short Validity Periods
Can be Used to Play: Slots, Bingo, Keno Not Available for Live Casino, Poker, and Most Table Games
Can be Claimed Multiple Times by Going to Different Casinos Has to Register an Account at Each Casino



A no deposit bonus is a fantastic option for new players looking to gain some risk-free exposure to real cash betting. You can freely test out video slots and learn how online casino gaming really works. And it also comes with the free bonus of a chance to win real money. For best results, always pick no deposit bonuses from trusted online casinos – you can find 100% working bonus codes for South Africa no deposit online casinos right here! 




What is a no deposit bonus?


A no deposit bonus is a promotion offer given by online casinos to newly registered players. It is a 100% free bonus that gives you a small taste of online gambling with real cash bets and a chance to win real money. You can only claim this bonus once at an online casino. 


Can I win real money with a no deposit bonus?


Yes, all no deposit bonuses come with a promise of a chance to win real money – this is not a guarantee. If you have luck on your side and pick your bonuses carefully, you can improve your odds of winning and withdrawing your bonus winnings. 


What is the most popular no deposit bonus at South African Mobile Casinos?


Since online slots are the most popular games among casino players, no deposit free spins are the most popular free bonus at South African mobile casinos. You can claim up to 100 free spins on the most popular slots with the latest no deposit free spin bonuses available on our page right here. 


Can I claim a no deposit bonus at any mobile casino?


No, you cannot claim a no deposit bonus at any casino. While most casinos have a welcome bonus (requires a deposit), relatively fewer casinos are willing to offer a no deposit bonus. Also, many casinos don’t have a fixed no deposit bonus – they will offer these from time to time. Finding a working no deposit bonus code is not easy – this is why thousands of players use our pages to find the best mobile no deposit bonuses!

What is the difference between Bonus Money and Bonus Spins?


No deposit bonus spins are always linked to a particular slot game (or two). You cannot use the spins on any slot game you want to try out at the casino. But you can do this with a cash bonus – it is not linked to any slot/game. As long as you pick a game that is not on the bonus restricted list of the casino, you are free to try out any game you feel like!


Also, with a no deposit cash bonus, the wagering requirement is calculated on the bonus money. With a no deposit free spins bonus, the wagering requirement is based on your winnings.