Do Aviator Predictor Apps Predict Game Outcomes?

Aviator Game

The Aviator Game has become immensely popular in South Africa. We have spent hours enjoying the granddaddy of crash games since its launch. The thrill of cashing out before the aeroplane flies off is hard to compare to other casino games. Since Aviator’s launch in 2019, many other crash games have been created, but Aviator remains the most popular choice.

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Giving yourself an edge in the Aviator game

We are just a handful of millions who love playing the Aviator game at our favourite online casino sites. We’ve spent hours playing and looking for a way to give ourselves an advantage to help us win more. It makes humans unique: we always look for the most effective (and easiest) way to do anything. We got to work trying to figure out how to get ahead of Aviator and possibly even predict the outcome. We even tried Aviator Predictors.

After days of playing the game, we found these are the best ways to give yourself an advantage when playing Aviator.

  • We set clear limits for ourselves with each session playing Aviator. We set a budget and stick to it. Responsible gambling is the best way to win.

  • We cashed out on low multipliers more. We hit the cash-out button for multiple winning sessions every time the multiplier hit 1.5x.

  • We played two bets. One bet is to cash out low, and the other is to see if we can cash out past the 2.5x multiplier.

  • We don’t follow the crowd. Aviator is a group game where you can see when other players cash out. But that doesn’t mean you should follow the herd. Play for your bankroll, not the bankroll of those playing with you.

Aviator Predictor Apps

The reality is that nothing and nobody can predict the outcome of an Aviator game, including Aviator Predictor Apps. The game itself shows you the results of past games. You can even see the results of your bets. You most certainly don’t need an Aviator Predictor App to see the results of previous rounds of play.

You can use this data to help you decide when to cash out, but it is far from a perfect science, and you will still be guessing. That’s what makes Aviator fun.

When you Google things like “Aviator Predictor App” or “Aviator Predictor Free Online,” tons of results will pop up claiming that it can give you an edge in Aviator and help you win big. These are best avoided, especially when an Aviator Predictor App or site promises to help you win only if you pay a fee. Add that money to your gaming budget rather than paying for “Aviator Predictor Pro” and have fun playing the game.

Can the Aviator game be predicted?

In our experience, from many hours enjoying the game, the simplest answer is “No”.

The outcomes of Aviator games can’t be predicted, and it’s all about luck. From time to time, we hit it big with a 5x multiplier. But that was not because we predicted a big multiplier. That was simply the dice roll on that round of the game.

Aviator is a fun game if you stick to your budget and don’t chase losses; go with your gut. Like all gambling, the key is to gamble responsibly.

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