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Monopoly Big Baller, released by Evolution Gaming in the summer of 2022, is a fresh take on live casino games, merging the simplicity of bingo with the timeless appeal of the much-loved Monopoly board game. Unsurprisingly, this has become a fan favourite for South African players.

Forget traditional slots – Monopoly Big Baller brings you a live host who draws balls to fill out bingo cards. The game is set on a Monopoly-themed board, complete with the iconic Mr. Monopoly. With an RTP of about 96.1%, you’ve got a fair shot at winning, but remember to play responsibly.

We found the combination of bingo and Monopoly refreshing and engaging. The game’s high-quality graphics and animations create an immersive atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  The live host adds that personal touch, making you feel part of a real-life game show.

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Monopoly Big Baller Theme

Monopoly Big Baller stands out with its innovative approach, bringing the nostalgic elements of Monopoly into a live casino environment. The game leverages augmented reality to bring Mr. Monopoly to life as he moves around the 3D board during the Bonus Game.

Set in a professionally designed Monopoly-themed studio, the game features high-quality graphics and animations that transport players to the familiar world of Monopoly. The primary gameplay involves drawing numbered balls like bingo to complete cards and achieve winning patterns. 

The game features all the iconic Monopoly elements you would expect, including game pieces, properties, and Chance cards. The bonus rounds introduce the classic Monopoly board, where Mr. Monopoly moves around to collect multipliers and prizes.

How to Play Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly big baller screenshot2Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started with Monopoly Big Baller:

1. Placing Your Bets

When you enter the game, you will be greeted by a beautifully designed 1920s-style riverboat setting. At the bottom of the screen, you'll find options to choose your bet size, which ranges from R1 to R40,000. You can place bets on up to four Chance/Free Space cards and two Bonus cards.

2. Choosing Your Cards

You can switch each card between a Chance card and a Free Space card:

Free Space Card: The centre cell is already marked off, increasing your chances of completing a winning line.

Chance Card: The centre cell is a guaranteed multiplier, and additional free spaces may be added to the card later.

This choice allows you to balance increased chances of winning lines and the potential for larger multipliers.

3. Mr. Monopoly’s Turn

Monopoly big baller screenshot3Once you’ve placed your bets and chosen your cards, Mr. Monopoly will pull a lever to place random free spaces and multipliers on your cards. These multipliers can significantly boost your potential winnings.

4. Ball Drawing Begins

After Mr. Monopoly has set the board, 20 balls will be drawn from a machine containing 60 numbered balls. If a ball's number matches any number on your cards, it will be automatically marked off (daubed).

5. Completing Lines

Your goal is to complete one or more lines on your cards. Completing lines will result in a win, and the more lines you complete, the larger your payout. Each line completed with a multiplier will further increase your winnings.

6. Bonus Game

Monopoly big baller screenshot4To participate in the Bonus Game, place a bet on the ‘3 Rolls’ or ‘5 Rolls’ cards. If all numbers on your chosen card are drawn, the Bonus Game starts. In the Bonus Game, Mr. Monopoly will walk around a virtual Monopoly board, collecting multipliers based on the roll of the dice. The more dice rolls you have, the more opportunities to land on high-value multipliers.

Monopoly Big Baller Minimum and Maximum Bet

The minimum bet starts at R1, perfect for those who prefer to play conservatively or are just starting out. On the other hand, high rollers can place bets up to a maximum of R40,000, allowing for substantial potential winnings. With a maximum win of R5,000,000, this game provides big opportunities for both low and high-stake players.

Monopoly Big Baller Symbols

Monopoly Big Baller features a variety of symbols that you should familiarise yourself with. The primary symbols are the numbers on the bingo-style cards ranging from 1 to 60. In addition to these, special symbols like Free Spaces and multipliers (10x, 20x, 50x, and Global multipliers) increase your chances of winning. During the Bonus Game, familiar Monopoly elements such as the GO, Chance, and Community Chest spaces, as well as the properties, come into play. These symbols, combined with Mr. Monopoly’s antics, create an engaging and nostalgic gaming experience for South African players.

Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Games and Special Features

Monopoly Big Baller is not just about the bingo-style ball drawing. It also offers an exciting Bonus Game and special features that keep the good times rolling.

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game in Monopoly Big Baller is its standout feature. To trigger the bonus game, you need to place a bet on the ‘3 Rolls’ or ‘5 Rolls’ cards. If all the numbers on your chosen card are drawn, the Bonus Game begins. You will then roll the dice three times for the ‘3 Rolls’ card or five times for the ‘5 Rolls’ card. This takes you into a 3D virtual Monopoly board, where Mr. Monopoly moves around to collect multipliers based on the dice rolls. Each stop on the board can significantly boost your winnings.

Free Space and Chance Cards

Players can choose between Free Space and Chance cards. A Free Space card has a ‘free space’ in the centre, increasing your chances of completing a line. A Chance card, on the other hand, guarantees a multiplier in the centre. This strategic choice adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to tailor their experience according to their preferences.


Multipliers play a crucial role in boosting your payouts. There are three types:

  • Standard Multipliers: These can be 10x or 20x, and the payout of any line containing the multiplier number can be multiplied.

  • Line Multipliers: These can be 20x or 50x and multiply the payout of the entire line.

  • Global Multipliers: These can be 2x or 3x and apply to all winning lines on the card, multiplying other multipliers as well.

Monopoly Big Baller Maximum Payout, RTP, and Volatility

Understanding the game's maximum payout, Return to Player (RTP), and volatility is important for making informed decisions while playing.

Maximum Payout

One of the most attractive aspects of Monopoly Big Baller is its impressive maximum payout. Players can win up to €500,000 in a single game. This substantial potential reward makes every round thrilling, especially when multipliers and the Bonus Game come into play. With bets ranging from R1 to R40,000, the game caters to both casual players and high rollers, providing opportunities for significant returns (and losses of course).

RTP (Return to Player)

The RTP of Monopoly Big Baller stands at 96.10%. This figure represents the percentage of total bets that are expected to be returned to players over an extended period. For every R100 wagered, the game theoretically pays back R96.10. While this RTP is competitive and offers a fair chance of winning, it's essential to remember that it doesn't guarantee short-term outcomes. The RTP provides a long-term perspective on potential returns, making Monopoly Big Baller an appealing choice for players looking for a game with decent payout prospects.


Monopoly Big Baller is a medium-volatility game. This means that the game strikes a balance between frequency and size of payouts. Players can expect a mix of smaller, more frequent wins and larger, less frequent ones. Medium volatility suits a broad range of players, offering a balance of risk and reward.

Monopoly Big Baller on Mobile

The game has been developed using advanced JS and HTML5 technology, making it compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. During my testing, I found Monopoly Big Baller runs smoothly, providing high-quality graphics and responsive controls. The user interface is intuitively designed for touchscreens, allowing you to place bets, switch cards, and interact with the game effortlessly. 

You can access Monopoly Big Baller on your mobile through any compatible online casino offering Evolution Gaming’s live games. There’s no need to download any special software; simply log in to your favourite casino site via your mobile browser, and you’re ready to play. Playing on mobile does not compromise any of the game's features. You still get the full range of Free Space and Chance cards, engaging multipliers, and the thrilling Bonus Game. 

Other Games Like Monopoly Big Baller

If you enjoy Monopoly Big Baller, you’ll likely find these other Evolution Gaming titles just as captivating. Each game offers unique gameplay mechanics and thrilling live experiences that keep South African players coming back for more.

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Dream Catcher is a live money-wheel game that provides a simple yet exciting experience. The game features a large, vertically mounted wheel divided into numbered segments. Players bet on the number they believe the wheel will stop on. The live host spins the wheel, and the winning number determines the payout. Dream Catcher’s simplicity, combined with its engaging live host and potential for big wins, makes it a popular choice among players.

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Deal or No Deal brings the excitement of the famous TV show to the online casino world. Players spin a bank vault wheel to qualify for the game, where they then select briefcases containing cash prizes. The goal is to beat the banker’s offers and walk away with the highest possible prize. The live host and interactive gameplay create an immersive experience that mirrors the tension and excitement of the TV show, making it a favourite among South African players.

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Monopoly Big Baller Pros & Cons

  • Includes multipliers, engaging features and a bonus round
  • High RTP at 96.10%
  • High-quality graphics and design
  • Accessible to players of various budgets
  • Immersive live host experience
  • Volatility might be too moderate for high-risk players
  • Game pace could be too fast for some players
  • Lack of a progressive jackpot
  • No free version available for practice
  • The unique format may be confusing for new players


Is there a Monopoly Big Baller demo to play for free?

No, there isn't a Monopoly Big Baller demo available to play for free. Live casino games, including Monopoly Big Baller, typically do not offer demo versions due to their interactive and live-streaming nature.

How do I see the Monopoly Big Baller game history?

Most online casinos keep track of your gaming history. You can usually access it by going to your account page and looking for a section like “Game History” or “Betting History.” If you're unable to locate it, contact the casino's customer support for assistance.

What is the best time to play Monopoly Big Baller?

As a game of chance, there's no optimal time to play that will increase your odds of winning. You can play whenever it suits you. However, playing during peak hours might enhance the social experience as more players are online to interact with.

Is Monopoly Big Baller available on mobile devices?

Yes, Monopoly Big Baller is fully compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can enjoy the game on the go by accessing it through your mobile browser on any compatible online casino offering Evolution Gaming’s live games.

How do multipliers work in Monopoly Big Baller?

There are three types of multipliers in Monopoly Big Baller: Standard Multipliers, Line Multipliers, and Global Multipliers. These multipliers can significantly boost your payouts by multiplying your winnings when specific conditions are met during the game.

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