JetX Crash Game: How to Play (With Demo)

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Did you ever play a crash game and felt like it was missing something? Yes, having a minimalist user interface is cool, but there comes a time when you’re gatvol with it. This is where JetX comes in. It has everything a modern-day crash game needs and looks cool! 


Read on to find out what JetX is, who built it, and how it compares to its biggest competitor, Aviator.

About JetX

JetX is a crash game released to the public by Smartsoft Gaming in 2019. It was most likely launched as an exclusive game for a gaming outlet earlier but we couldn’t find any trace of this. Needless to say, JetX rode the wave that pushed crash gaming to the top of the players’ preferences, becoming the second-most-played crash game at online casinos South Africa, after Aviator.

How to play JetX

Like all other crash games, JetX is based on a simple premise: cash out before you crash out. The concept has been virtually unchanged since the first crash game, MoneyPot, was released in 2014. In all crash games, there’s a multiplier growing until it stops - crashes - at a random point. Your goal is to place a bet and cash out before the crash. 

The original crash games were all work and no play. They showed players little more than a chart and a counter. Modern-day crash games like Aviator and JetX added some visual elements - JetX did better in this area. Other studios made even more elaborate crash games, with visuals that are almost as complex and flashy as slot machines. But the concept behind the game and the basics of gameplay have remained the same.

JetX User Interface

Jetx user interfaceThe user interface of JetX is built on the same principle as other crash games:

You can place two simultaneous bets, and you can set up both for auto bet and auto collect: 

  • Auto bet means that your bet will automatically be placed in each round

  • Auto collect means that the game will automatically cash out as soon as it reaches the pre-set multiplier

JetX Gameplay

The concept behind JetX is simple:

  • Place one or two bets

  • The plane takes its flight, and the multiplier starts to grow

  • You can cash out at any point. When you cash out:

    • The multiplier is applied to your bet

    • You get your winnings

  • When the plane “explodes”, all the bets still in play are lost

  • The game resets. You can place a new bet before it takes off.

JetX vs Aviator

JetX and Aviator are considered the biggest rivals on the crash gaming scene. No other game has reached the same level of popularity as these two. So, let’s compare their features and gameplay:

DeveloperSmartsoft GamingSpribe
Release date20192019
Game typeCrash GameCrash Game
InterfaceRetro graphics, animations, extra visual elementsMinimalist graphics with a single animated element - the plane
SoundJet engine and ambient soundAmbient sound
History and StatsYesYes
Double bet featureYesYes
Auto betYesYes
Auto cashoutYesYes
Live chatYesYes
Minimum bet0.10.1
Maximum bet100100

As you can see, the features and gameplay of both games are basically the same. What makes them different is the visuals and the sounds. 

There is, in turn, one thing that makes JetX more attractive for us: setting up Auto Bet and Auto Cashout. In Aviator, these features are not as straightforward as they could be, while in JetX, you can set them up simply by tapping a couple of switches and typing in the limits. 

JetX Demo

JetX Predictor – Are There Any That Work?

Many people think that the results of any JetX round can be predicted somehow, or they can influence the outcome of a round. This is simply not true. Those who claim to have working JetX predictors or hacked, modified APKs are scammers or want to plant malware on your phone. Here’s why.

JetX, like all other casino games, has a random number generator (RNG) behind it. This piece of software is tasked to generate completely random outcomes for every single round. Each round is completely independent of every other one, so there is no pattern, there is nothing to predict. 

On top of that, the RNG behind JetX doesn’t run on your PC or phone - it runs on Smartsoft’s secure servers. This means that nothing you do on your end can influence the outcome of a round. 

So, don’t fall for the promise of hacked, modified, altered apps or magical formulas that will predict JetX for you. These are all lies that you shouldn’t waste your time - and especially your money - on.

How to Play JetX at Hollywoodbets

JetX is a beloved crash game, so much so that Hollywoodbets, South Africa’s top online gambling site, has dedicated a separate section to it. To play JetX at Hollywoodbets:

  1. Visit the Hollywoodbets website on your phone

  2. Log into your Hollywoodbets account

  3. From the menu, select JetX

  4. Start playing

Note that you won’t be able to play without getting the Hollywoodbets login out of the way first. 

JetX Strategies – How to Win

JetX, like all other casino games, is completely fair. This means that every round is completely random and independent from each other, and nothing you or the operator does can influence its outcome. But, unlike other casino games, JetX (and the rest of the crash games) gives you something very important: control.

You decide how much you bet for each round of JetX and when you want to cash out. This makes it possible to approach the game with different strategies:

Play it Safe

You can set up Auto Bet and Auto Collect to ensure small and frequent wins by selecting a small enough multiplier, like 1.5. This way, you’ll be able to win more often, even if it’s a small amount.

To set this up, here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn on “Auto collect” and set the limit to your desired level (in this example, 1.5)

  • Turn on “Auto bet” and set the bet level you feel comfortable with, say R100

  • Press “Place your bet” to trigger the bet

  • Wait

Take a Risk

If you have a higher risk tolerance, you can set up an Auto Bet and Auto Collect combo for small bets with higher payouts. This will likely pay far less frequently, but the rewards can be consistent. 

To set this up, here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn on “Auto collect” and set the limit to your desired level (in this example, 5.0)

  • Turn on “Auto bet” and set the bet level you feel comfortable with, say R10

  • Press “Place your bet” to trigger the bet

  • Wait

This way, you can play more rounds and go for higher multipliers. Plus, you’ll be able to cash out manually at any point.

Combine the Two

You can even combine the two strategies by placing two parallel bets: a safer one with a higher bet and a low multiplier and another with a small stake but a multiplier as high as you still feel comfortable with. 


What is JetX?

JetX is a crash game launched in 2019 by Smartsoft Gaming. It is the main competitor for Aviator in South Africa.

How to Play JetX?

Playing JetX is simple: place a bet and cash out before the jet explodes.

Can I play JetX on Hollywoodbets?

Yes, you can. Simply log into your Hollywoodbets account and play.

How to Win at JetX?

It’s easy if you’re not greedy. Just cash out at lower multipliers to keep it safe. Read our recommended strategies above.

Can I Hack JetX?

No, you can’t. There is no way for you or the casino to influence the outcome of JetX rounds.

Are JetX Predictors Legit?

No, they are not. The result of JetX rounds can’t be predicted. They are completely fair, random, and independent from each other.

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