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Funky Time, one of the most popular Live Games from Evolution Gaming, debuted on May 10, 2023. This game takes South African players on a funky, disco-themed adventure, blending the vibrant energy of 70s funk with the excitement of a live game show. Unlike traditional slots, Funky Time stands out with its unique DigiWheel and a slew of bonus features. The game’s medium to high volatility ensures a perfect mix of frequent smaller wins and the potential for large jackpots.

Players are immediately drawn in by the engaging visuals and foot-tapping beats. The game’s design is fresh and original, making it a hot topic among South African players. With a payout percentage of 95.99% and the possibility of winning up to 10,000 times your bet, Funky Time offers plenty of opportunities for high rewards and unforgettable gaming experiences.

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Funky Time Overview and Theme

Funky Time is a vibrant, disco-themed live casino game set in a professional studio. The huge DigiWheel is divided into 64 segments, including numbers, letters, and 4 bonus features, making it an engaging and unpredictable experience for players looking for something fresh and entertaining.

How to Play Funky Time

The objective of this game is to predict the segment where the DigiWheel will stop. Place your bet on one or multiple segments where you think the wheel will land. 

The game is divided into a main game, where the croupier will turn the wheel and, depending on where the wheel stops, can activate 4 different bonus games.

First, let’s focus on the main game. The wheel is made up of 64 segments with 8 betting options:

  • Number 1: You can bet on the Number 1. There are 28 segments with this option, payout 1:1.

  • Letters:  you can bet on any of the letters  P, L, A, Y, F, U, N, K, T, I, M, or E. These letters form the words "Play," "Funk," and "Time".  Each word appears twice, which translates to 24 segments. The payout for any letters segment is 25:1.

  • Bonus Games: there are 12 bonus game segments.

    • Bar Bonus: 6 segments

    • Stayin' Alive Bonus: 2 segments

    • Disco Bonus: 3 segments

    • VIP Disco Bonus: 1 segment

  • 2 additional options to bet:

    • Bet on 12 letters: places a bet on all 12 letters at once (12 bets in one).

    • Bet on 4 bonuses: Place a single bet on all 4 letters at once (4 bets in one).

Once you have placed your bets, the host will spin the wheel, which will generate random multipliers and assign them to aleatory segments on the wheel.

If the wheel lands on your bet, you win. Winning segments with multipliers will boost your winnings. 

Funky Time Bonus Games and Special Features

If you bet on a Bonus game segment and the wheel lands there, you'll get to join the game that follows. If you don't place a bet on a bonus game segment, you can still watch the fun unfold. There are four bonus games; let's take a look at them.

Bar Bonus Game

In the Bar Bonus game, you find yourself in the lively disco bar, where a robot is your bartender and offers you three glasses that will be loaded with multipliers.

When the game kicks off, you’ll choose one of the three empty glasses at the bar counter. As the robot pours the drinks, each glass gets assigned a random multiplier. Then, a single reel slot starts to spin, revealing another multiplier that randomly boosts one of the glasses.

If the money wheel included an additional multiplier when the Bar Bonus game began, it would apply after the glass multipliers. This multiplier enhances the multipliers in all three glasses, ensuring all players benefit.

Stayin' Alive Bonus Game

The Stayin’ Alive Bonus game will take you to a bingo machine with 90 coloured balls and a 20-level multiplier ladder reminiscent of the lottery machines. The ladder of multipliers starts at 5x and reaches multipliers up to 1000x.


Once the game starts, you will have a 5x multiplier and 4 lives. Before the draw begins, you will choose your colour (green, pink, or orange). Your progress up the ladder depends on the colours of the drawn balls. 

  • Blackball: you will lose a life and stay on the same level.

  • 1-step ball: If the ball drawn is your selected colour, you will move up one level.

  • 2-step ball (team colour): Move up two levels if the ball matches your colour.

The game continues until you run out of lives. Your winnings are based on the level your colour reached when the last STOP ball was drawn. If during the initial wheel spin, this Bonus game segment received a multiplier, each multiplier value on the ladder gets multiplied accordingly.

Disco Bonus Game

The Disco and VIP Disco Bonus games feature a lively character named Mr. Funky. When he takes to the dance floor, he collects multipliers with his groovy moves. The Disco Bonus game is set on a dance floor with 37 squares, while the VIP Disco Bonus game has a larger floor with 63 squares.

Mr. Funky starts dancing in the centre of the floor while the DJ spins a mini wheel with eight segments indicating four directions: up, down, left, and right. Mr. Funky moves in the direction where the wheel stops. As he dances, Mr. Funky collects two types of multipliers:

  • Regular multipliers: These range from 1x to 100x. Mr. Funky will land on several of these, and their values will be added together. For example, if he lands on 4x and 5x multipliers, you'll get a total multiplier of 9x.

  • Floor multipliers: These double the values of five random regular multiplier squares on the dance floor.

The game ends when Mr Funky falls off the edge of the dance floor. If, during the initial wheel spin, the Disco or VIP Disco Bonus game segment receives a multiplier, each regular multiplier is multiplied before Mr Funky starts his dance.

VIP Disco Bonus Game

The VIP Disco Bonus is an even funkier twist on the Disco Bonus, played on a larger 63-space grid that gives Mr. Funky more opportunities to collect wins.

This VIP version features higher multipliers, offering rewards of 50x, 250x, 500x, and an impressive 1,500x.

Funky Time Minimum and Maximum Bet

Betting limits are designed to accommodate all types of players. You can place bets ranging from as low as R1 to as high as R100,000. This flexibility ensures that casual players and high rollers can enjoy the game, making it accessible for everyone looking to experience the disco-themed fun and exciting bonus rounds.

Funky Time Maximum Payout, RTP, and Volatility

Funky Time Payouts

Let’s dive into the different payouts for each segment in Funky Time.

SegmentPayoutSegmentsExtra MultipliersMaximum Win
Number 11:1282x to 50xUp to 50:1
Letter25:124 (2 per letter)2x to 50xUp to 1,250:1
BARUp to R5,000,000--Up to R5,000,000
Stayin' AliveUp to R5,000,000--Up to R5,000,000
DiscoUp to R5,000,000--Up to R5,000,000
VIP DiscoUp to R5,000,000--Up to R5,000,000

Funky Time Segments Probability and RTP

Now, let’s look at the RTP and probability of winning per spin.

Number 143-75%95.99%
Letter3.12% per letter95.49%
Stayin' Alive3.12%95.49%
VIP Disco1.56%95.38%

The BAR game stands out as the most profitable among the bonus games, making it a key highlight in this bonus-centric game. Notably, the RTP rates for different bets are more consistent than those for Crazy Time.

Funky Time on Mobile

Funky Time delivers a seamless mobile gaming experience for South African players. Evolution Gaming's smooth interface, vibrant graphics, and engaging gameplay translate perfectly to mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the disco-themed fun and exciting bonuses anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips. As long as you have a good wifi connection with sufficient data, you shouldn't experience any lag or downgrade in quality compared to the desktop version.

Other Games Like Funky Time 

If you enjoy Funky Time, you'll love these other exciting games:

  • Crazy Time: Another hit from Evolution Gaming, this game show-style title offers a spinning wheel, bonus rounds, and massive multipliers, ensuring endless fun and big wins.

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Funky Time Pros & Cons

  • Unique Theme: Engaging 70s disco and game show atmosphere.
  • High Payout Potential: Up to 10,000x your bet.
  • Exciting Bonus Games: Multiple interactive bonus rounds, including Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.
  • Great Visuals and Sound: High-quality graphics and catchy music enhance the experience.
  • Mobile Friendly: Seamless gameplay on mobile devices.
  • Complexity: May be overwhelming for beginners due to the various segments and multipliers.
  • Volatility: Medium to high volatility can result in less frequent wins.
  • Limited Betting Information: Minimum and maximum bet details are not readily available.
  • Learning Curve: Understanding all the features and bonus games takes time.


What is the RTP (Return to Player) for Funky Time?

The RTP for Funky Time varies by segment:

Number 1: 95.99%

Letter: 95.49%

BAR: 95.98%

Stayin' Alive: 95.49%

Disco: 95.51%

VIP Disco: 95.38%

What are the betting limits for Funky Time?

Betting limits vary by casino. Typically, minimum bets start at R10, and maximum bets can go up to R10,000 or more.

What is the maximum win possible in Funky Time?

The maximum win can be substantial, especially in the VIP Disco Bonus game with multipliers up to 1,500x.

 Is Funky Time available in South African online casinos?

Yes, Funky Time is available in many South African online casinos featuring Evolution Gaming.

What internet speed do I need to play Funky Time smoothly?

A stable internet connection with at least 5 Mbps is recommended for smooth gameplay. For the best experience, 10 Mbps or higher is ideal.

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