South Africans like to wager on casino games. There are over 35 top tier land casinos to cater to this interest. The problem is that these land casinos are not accessible to everyone. A land casino may not be near where you stay. Possibly many people may find the atmosphere too daunting. Therefore when mobile gaming was introduced about a decade ago, it became an instant hit. Mobile casinos enabled many South Africans to fulfill their desire for playing games like slot machines, roulette and blackjack from anywhere and at anytime that they wanted to.

One of the essential components of mobile gaming is the handset. South Africans are not lacking in this. They have kept pace with the rest of the world in the use of mobile phones. A study conducted by Deloitte in 2012 revealed that mobile penetration based on active connections to population was 128%. This means that on an average each South African had one mobile connection and about a quarter of the population had two. This high penetration has played a key role in the popularity of Mobile casinos in South Africa. Almost all mobile phones have Internet access. Therefore all South African players have the means to connect to mobile casino sites.

The popularity of mobile gaming in South Africa has been kept alive by the development in the mobile casino products, which is the other essential component. One of the first mobile phone manufacturers to introduce gaming products was Research in Motion. It introduced a few games like blackjack, roulette and poker in its Blackberry handsets about ten years back. Soon other mobile phone manufacturers followed suit. These games did not involve wagering and were available for free as a part of the handsets. They automatically gave South African players their first taste of mobile gaming. Then independent developers began to create somewhat more complex games as apps that could be downloaded for a nominal fee.

The big thrust to mobile gaming in South Africa came when software developers to online casinos came on board. They offered real money wagering, just like in land casinos. You could open an account at their mobile casinos, make a deposit, wager with the deposited funds and withdraw the winnings. At this time South Africans were already making online purchases through their computers. Mobile phones used the same technology with the same degree of security to allow players to make payments. Therefore South African players could easily make deposits at mobile casinos. Initially mobile casinos operated in US dollars. But as the demand for mobile gaming grew in South Africa, the ZAR currency was accepted. This gave a big boost to the popularity of mobile casinos in South Africa.

Today South African players can wager on a variety of high quality games at mobile casinos. The most popular are slot machines. Some of them offer progressive jackpots that pay big. Popular land casino games like blackjack and roulette are also available as are online casino games like video poker and scratch cards.