Whereas the penetration of mobile phones in South Africa is over 100%, not all these phones are smart phones. As more and more South Africans exchange their simple handsets for smartphones the incidence of mobile casino gambling will only increase. Also the technology behind smartphones is increasing rapidly. Hence the smartphones of the future will be able to support even more complex gaming operations.

Online casinos based on computers have had a decade lead over mobile casinos. In the past the development of mobile gaming has followed the same sequence as online gaming. There are two exciting innovations in online games that should enter mobile casino gambling sometime soon. With the introduction of video conferencing software in mobile phones, live dealer gambling should become a reality. In this form of remote gambling, the outcomes of the games are not determined by computer simulation. The roulette, blackjack and baccarat games are actually conducted by live dealers in a brick and mortar casino and video streamed to the players. They offer a more realistic casino experience.

The other innovation is multiplayer games. On blackjack tables the player does not engage one on one with the dealer as is done at present. A number of players can actually "sit" at the same table and play against the same dealer hand as is done in land casinos and in many online casinos. Today some online casinos offer some slots games with multiplayer facility as well. All these are expected to be in the future of mobile casino gambling in South Africa.

Looking into the longer term it is difficult to say what mobile casino gambling will bring. One can only be sure that it will be exciting and challenging and the adventurous South African players will deal themselves in.